NORTH CALDWELL, NJ - Anyone can use their memories to help them solve math problems, a West Essex High School parent and mentalist told students on April 15.

Lowell Furhman, known as "Manlow," visited his daughter Simone's Discrete Math class to demonstrate his math/memory skills. Both are North Caldwell residents; Simone is a senior at the high school.

Manlow invited students to create problems which he solved correctly in seconds. He regularly performs at supper clubs and also conducts memory enhancement workshops at Drew University and corporations where he teaches subjects how to remember long lists of items, have total recall of names, faces, numbers, dates and cure absent-mindedness.   

Manlow is part of "Manlow & Baltus," a mentalist/magic show, which has performed in the area. He has appeared on radio and television. 

Credit: Manlow

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