WEST ESSEX, NJ — In an annual study that explores and ranks the best teachers in New Jersey based on teacher salaries, teacher tenure, teacher absenteeism, student-teacher ratio, student-and-parent reviews of teachers and more, Niche.com rewarded West Essex Regional School District with a ranking of No. 18 for its 2016 Districts with the Best Teachers in New Jersey list.

The site, which evaluates United States and Puerto Rican schools based on parent-and-teacher reviews and multiple other credentials, ranked the public-school system as 35th in the state for 2016, with an overall “Niche Grade” of A+ for the 1651 students attending two schools in grades PK and 7-12.

“The 2016 Districts with the Best Teachers ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of the teachers of a school district,” the methodology states. “This grade takes into account key factors such as the academic performance of a school, an index of teacher salaries, student-teacher ratio, as well as student and parent reviews, in an attempt to measure the quality of teachers working at a district.”

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In 2016, the West Essex Regional School District earned an A+ according to Niche’s standards for Academics, Sports & Fitness, Teachers, Administration & Policies, Extracurriculars, and Resources & Facilities. The district also received an A in Educational Outcomes and Food and an A- in Health & Safety. The public-school system’s lowest grade on Niche.com is a B- in Student Culture & Diversity.

For this particular ranking, Niche.com’s database contained records for 12,153 school districts. Since several school districts were not included in the ranking process due to insufficient data, the final ranking resulted in 10,538 school districts receiving a grade, with 7,350 of those also receiving a numerical ranking.

According to state standards, 88 percent of students in the West Essex area are considered proficient in math and/or reading. There have been 173 reviews written on Niche.com about West Essex’s two public schools, which have been mostly positive.

“The teachers at West Essex really care about their students and want them to succeed in life,” a Niche.com user said last week. “The way times have changed dramatically, they want us to have the best up to date and best knowledge of today's generation.”

According to the site’s recordings, the West Essex district has an annual budget of $35,629,000, spending an average of $22,034 per student.

“Our rankings are different, and for good reason,” Niche.com states. “We believe that the quality of a school or district should be measured, at least in part, by the parents and students who actually go there. They should also be measured by hard data and across a number of key factors so that no one factor dominates a ranking. Most importantly, they should be measured by their results. The most unique thing about our rankings is that they incorporate student outcomes.”

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