I have had the great privilege of being the mayor of North Caldwell   for 9  years.  I truly   love my job and the dedicated Council and Borough employees with whom I work. They make all the difference in the world  in me  performing my duties   and in securing, preserving and serving  the wonderful town in which we all have chosen to live. It was totally  gratified and humbled   that you the  citizens of North Caldwell  honored me  by  reelecting me last year with over 70% of the votes.  Now I ask you to cast your vote for  Councilman  Art Rees and Ken Tilton  to join me in serving  on the governing body. 

I have worked with   Art Rees for all nine years that I have   been mayor.   You could not ask for a better advocate, partner  and public servant than Artie.  For most of his time on the Council he served as Chair of the personnel committee. He  keeps the production and    efficiency  of our staff to a maximum  and  number of employees to a workable minimum. He  thereby  reduces   expenses  without sacrificing  the excellent services we have come to know and expect. He knows the people, the problems and the issues that we face.  He and his wife Judi  have raised their  5 children here  and sent them to the North Caldwell schools and, like Art, to  West Essex High School.  He’s been involved as a resident as a coach, mentor and leader in our recreation programs.  He has also served on both the Planning Board and the Zoning Board  of Adjustment.

After all those years of serving and knowing the town, he was elected to the Council bringing with him years of experience and dedication.  Art has been working in construction most of his adult life.   He brings invaluable    first-hand expertise and    insight into planning and growth. He does this  all while keeping a watchful eye curbing  development and  monitoring  the quality of building as only an on-the- job seasoned  artisan  can.     Probably His Most important attribute   is his straight forward,   old fashioned common sense.  Art looks at an issue with a clear vision and practical analysis. He doesn’t get bogged down in minutia or emotions   and gets right to the point. He definitely has a mind of his own and I can say we don’t always agree but I respect his opinion unquestionably.

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I cannot think of a better candidate/ addition to the Council than Ken Tilton.  I cannot tell you how glad   I am that he is running.   Long before he ran for office Ken   would call me    with solid, well thought suggestions on how to improve the Borough.   He was insightful and knowledgeable looking for nothing else but the betterment of our town.  I was impressed with him then and even more so now. I truly believe that he is the best person for the job. 

 He has a tremendous work ethic and is a devoted family man. Ken and his wife Laura came to North Caldwell 9 years ago to raise their 2 daughters who are in our public schools.  Shortly after moving into town he began getting involved and giving back to the community.  He has coached basketball.   He is the co-president and one of the founder members of the Board of Trustees of the North Caldwell Police Foundation (NCPF). Through Ken’s leadership the NCPF has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for our police department. This provides lifesaving equipment such as bulletproof vests which help keep safe the men and woman who  keep us safe. These purchases save taxpayers money.  Ken is also member of the zoning board of adjustment.  As a successful businessman who runs several companies, he possesses knowledge of   managing corporations, dealing with personnel and budgets. No other candidate would bring this talent to the Council. This makes him well suited to becoming our next Councilperson.  Additionally he majored Environmental Geosciences and Hydrology at Boston College.  This expertise will give us invaluable insight to drainage issues. His dedication to public service is a family affair; his Grandfather, Howard Schumacher, served as a Councilman in town in the 1970s. Ken, to this day, proudly carries his grandfather‘s Council insignia. Please join me in voting for Ken. His past years of selfless   commitment to our town and business acumen will serve us well when he joins us on the Council.  

 Last night we had our annual Newcomers Night where we welcome new residents in town and explained to them the Borough and the services we provide.   Our new neighbors were a cross-section of individuals: seniors, newly married with and without children.  One adult, who was raised in North Caldwell, decided to return, as did her sister, to live in their hometown and raise their own children here. Each one of the newcomers said  what a great  place this is  and  why, after looking at several other communities, they chose North Caldwell. They explained how excited they were and that they were looking forward to living in our town. They were very  positive about North Caldwell. I urge you to keep the town strong with the right positive leadership and make the next Newcomers Night just as exciting and gratifying.

 Experience and Service are a great combination and so are Art and Ken.  Please Join me on November 5 and vote the Rees/Tilton team on line B.

Joseph Alessi

Mayor of North Caldwell