Meadowbrook Camp Corner

Recently, the owners of Meadowbrook Country Day Camp, Dan Milman and George Stein, took part in a fun Question and Answer session. Below are the questions and their responses. To learn more about Milman, Stein and Meadowbrook, click here to read a recent article that ran on WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORD CAMP, WHAT VISUAL COMES TO MIND? George: A six lb. marshmallow. Dan: That “camp smell,” bonfires, sunshine and children laughing and playing all day long.   HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS ...

Risky Business: Managing Risk in the Modern World

The most cost effective approach to managing risk is to be proactive about reducing hazards and preventing accidents. When it comes to home fires, the most common causes of loss might not be what you expect. Less obvious dangers like the five detailed below actually cause more losses than major events, both because small risks may go unnoticed and because they occur frequently.   Laptops in Bed Putting on your favorite Netflix show before a nap might help you fall asleep, but under the wrong circumstances it can also be dangerous.

Sobel Solutions

As I prepared to write my monthly blog, I thought about why a blog is such a popular means of communication.  “Blog” is actually a contraction of two words – web and blog – giving an individual a platform to lead a discussion or share an information post. It is a fantastic way for people with an area of expertise to generate a conversation with peers across a vast network that they otherwise could never reach. And that is why I enjoy this opportunity as a CPA with an expertise in tax combined with good business ...

The Joint Chiropractic, We’ve got your back

WEST CALDWELL, NJ — All of us have a limited amount of time on earth and we want to make the best of every moment. Whether it’s your job, your family or other obligations, the demands of life seem to pull at you from every direction. The one thing that can stand in the way of meeting those demands is pain. It hinders our performance and throws us off schedule. Since time is our most precious asset, finding freedom from pain is inconvenient and, in many cases, very costly—but it’s extremely important. Regardless of ...

Trinity Academy Corner

CALDWELL, NJ - Right before Thanksgiving, the students in the Trinity Academy Builders Club created 25 baskets of complete Thanksgiving dinners for families in need. First, they collected donations from members of the school community and then spent a night creating the Thanksgiving baskets. To create the baskets, the Trinity Academy students filled laundry baskets full of all the trimmings: stuffing, pie crusts, pie fillings, yams, vegetables and gift cards. Students next dropped these baskets off at the ...

Tune Into Tola

As per usual, death was on the menu for the Season Six finale of “Game of Thrones.” Four of my six predictions (Lancel, Loras, Tommen and the High Sparrow) were gone in one fell swoop—not to mention Queen Margaery, Lord Mace, Kevan Lannister and Grand Maester Pycelle, how convenient. Pycelle needed to go sooner rather than later, but I’m heartbroken over the loss of Margaery. Walder Frey was finally put in his place by both a Lanninster and a Stark. And as Cersei takes the Iron Throne for herself, we once again have ...

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