WEST CALDWELL, NJ -- Happy 2019! Yes, a new year is upon us and with it comes a fresh slate. Orchard School (360 Passaic Ave., West Caldwell) is ready for another year of everlasting memories and new friendships. During the winter season, snow play is a tradition. If this season eventually brings snow, please be sure to pack your child’s snowsuit! We like to make snow angels, snowmen and hit the hills for sledding.

We are always looking for new ways to inspire our students to help them learn and grow. This is a fresh time to try something different, perhaps to change an old way of thinking. The opportunities for growth are endless! Children, too, will learn new behaviors as they stretch and grow into the happy people they will become. It’s normal for them to test boundaries, see what works and discard what doesn’t. Good behavior should always be reinforced and applauded.

Psychology Today says, “In the new year, make a fresh start and resolve to catch your child being good (and maybe even hold your tongue when you catch them making a mistake). Research tells us that praising a child after he or she displays a desired behavior, like shares a toy or waits patiently, makes that behavior more likely to occur again.”

May we all be encouraged to use this time to stretch, to grow, to develop a good habit and enjoy this very exciting time.  Happy New Year!