As a member of the Caldwell/West Caldwell community for over a decade, and sending two children through our school system, I would like to endorse Dan Cipoletti for a third term as member of our school board.  I have known Dan and his family since we moved into town.  He is a true public servant and dedicated member of our community. 

Since he joined our school board we have seen some very positive and exciting changes.  First I would like to point out that he hosted a very successful fundraiser for the Educational Foundation that invested thousands of dollars into our children.  He was also the lead board member during two teacher negotiations that balanced these tremendous professionals needs while ensuring sound fiscal policy.

But I would like to highlight why I believe Dan is the ideal candidate for our Board of Education.  Dan has been the lead member of the Board that is ensuring our students have the most up to date technological advantages.  For example, before he joined the Board, the ratio of computers to students was approximately 5 to 1, today, thanks to Dan’s leadership, we are seeing a ratio of nearly 1 to 1.  Dan continues to be a strong advocate for incorporating technology into the curriculum.

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In summary, you might say that since I am friends with Dan, my opinion might be slanted.  That might be true, but you cannot deny that Dan has been a tremendous voice in accelerating the pace of student success in our community. 

Dan Cipoletti deserves to be re-elected to the Board of Education.  He has the background that is needed to continue move our school system in a positive direction.  His only agenda is to ensure that our students have the tools needed to succeed.  Dan truly has had a generational impact on student success and I ask you give him your vote in November.


Doug Rouse - West Caldwell, NJ