Dear Editor,

When it comes to voting, at the very least I want to know what the candidate looks like! I not only know Daniel Scirica's face, but I know the man as well. He is a great father that has coached alongside my husband for boy's soccer in Fairfield for a few years now.

His family has also built beautiful homes that add to our town's aesthetics. I have always been involved in the school systems and I see his wife, Rosanne, volunteer her time at different school functions and is always willing to help. I have met both Daniel and his wife's parents and his brother too.

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They are a close knit family that is friendly and productive within society, and I have no problem giving Danny a chance to be part of our town council. I have nothing good or bad to say about our current board, but I wouldn't know them if they were on line next to me.

Danny has opened up a campaign headquarters, givng people a chance to meet him, hear about his goals and get a basic idea of the platform he is running on AND he's not a politiican...just a hard working dad willing to step up and get involved for our good. Good luck Daniel! Please go out and vote!