Dear Editor,

As proud residents of the Township of Fairfield, we find ourselves in the midst of an upcoming election. We have lived here for nearly 17 years and choose to continue to reside here. We have witnessed empty, abandoned lots turn into beautiful homes providing new families an opportunity to join our community. 

There is a lack of energy in Fairfield. Energy, which would be provided by a young, enthusiastic councilman. I clearly see that the township, my home, needs CHANGE.

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The new candidate, the opponent, Daniel Scirica, is able to bring this to Fairfield. He is approachable and willing to address the people. ALL of the people, not just a select few. With Daniel as councilman there will come a new, fresh and much-needed voice that will speak out for our township. 

Contrary to the re-election committee, we do not wish to slander the names of the present councilmen. Although they feel they have done so much for Fairfield, there is still so much to do. 

The current councilmen who are running on the Republican ticket are self promoting and outdated. They have even resorted to removing flyers from public places. This is a childish attempt made by supposedly mature men to quiet the voice of the new running candidate. This is also an obvious self-esteem issue. It is time to move over and let a new person come in through the doors of town Hall. 

Freedom is what America is all about. We should not be bullied in a forceful way to vote for the present council. The true act of freedom would be to vote Republican and vote for Daniel Scirica. His only goal is to work hard for the good of our town and it’s residents .

Personally, we can fully and without a doubt endorse a candidate that is competent and worthy of a chance. We fully endorse Daniel Scirica. A man that we know all the days of his life. We are proud to call him our son and Fairfield our home. Go out and vote. Give someone new and worthy a chance. A chance for change for our town. 

Salvatore and AnaMaria Scirica