As you may be aware, there is a Republican primary election on June 4th for 2 people to represent the Republican Party in the November general election in Fairfield.  Sitting councilmen Mike McGlynn and Joseph Cifelli are being challenged by a 3rdCandidate. While it is the American way to understand all points of view and have anyone who thinks they can make a difference run for office, I cannot understand how the choice would not be simple. Mike and Joe have been councilman for years. They have helped steer Fairfield in what I consider to be a productive, safe and wonderful Township. They have shown that they care about the residents’ needs and quality of life. They have also helped keep our town progressive to the laws and responsibilities we have with County and State mandates.

Just look around and see all the wonderful young families that have chosen to make Fairfield their home. Look at all the young people getting married and staying in Fairfield. Mike and Joe have been and will continue to be a major reason our town is so inviting.

I love my town and have tried to lend a hand in making it the town it is today. That’s why I fully support Mike McGlynn and Joe Cifelli to be re elected by the Republican Party as candidates for November’s General election. I find this old adage very apropos “Why try to fix something that is not broken”!

Anthony Lipari