NORTH CALDWELL, NJ — Democrats Matthew Atlas and Anthony Floria-Callori have formally announced their candidacies for North Caldwell Borough Council in the 2020 general election. 

Atlas and Floria-Callori received the Democratic Party’s nomination after borough residents wrote in their names during the July primary election. 

“We are excited to announce our candidacies for the North Caldwell Borough Council,” Atlas and Floria-Callori said in a joint statement. “Our town continues to face several significant issues and challenges as it grows and transforms with new developments and new families moving into our community. We believe that it is time for new, sensible, leadership in North Caldwell. While we understand our Borough has a wonderful history, we believe we are well suited to help make the town’s future better and much brighter. We will bring practical and fresh perspectives to the Council, while listening to and representing members of our community, many of whom have felt that their voices have not been heard in recent years. We are prepared to tackle new and old issues and move North Caldwell forward together as a community.” 

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In their prepared release, Atlas and Floria-Callori outlined three themes that their campaign will focus on:

1. Transparency and Communication. It is important that the citizens of North Caldwell have easy access to their representatives and local government, and that we open its doors and make its business apparent to all citizens. We will support making all town council meetings available online, via live streaming, so residents can observe and participate from their own homes. Meetings should be hosted both audibly and visually so that residents can properly observe and interact with their elected officials. “As council members, we will encourage a free-flowing dialogue with residents who voice their opinions and concerns or have questions. We are committed to engaging with our town in a meaningful and collaborative manner as our residents deserve to know and have a voice in how their government is working and spending money,” they said.

2. Development and Planning. Over the past few years, several new real estate developments have reshaped and transformed North Caldwell, and more are on the horizon. While these developments have brought new residents to our town, adding to the diversity and spirit of our community in a positive way, we are now facing several challenging and complicated issues as a result. Specifically, we will work to improve the sidewalks and roads in North Caldwell, address the ongoing drainage issues that have steadily increased as a result of recent developments, and explore opportunities to improve public utilities such as electricity, Internet connection and cell phone reception.

“While our borough is great, and a wonderful place to live, it is undeniable that improvement is required in a number of aspects. As council members, we will engage in short-term and long-term planning for town projects and will work to ensure that when the town begins significant and costly projects, it has clear end goals, specific plans, and known price tags,” they said.

3. Education. The importance of the school system in North Caldwell cannot be overstated. Not only does the system provide our children with what is widely considered to be a first-class education, it entices new residents to move into town and allows property values to appreciate. Atlas and Floria-Callori are committed to partnering with the North Caldwell and West Essex Boards of Education and improving coordination with and providing support to them. “Especially as our town is growing, and the school age population is increasing, it is critical that the Borough Council and the school boards work hand in hand to understand each other’s needs. We will work with the North Caldwell and West Essex Boards of Education in their plans to address population growth due to increased development approved by the town. This includes supporting their efforts for expansion and engaging as thought partners for creative solutions for more space,” they said.

“The residents of North Caldwell deserve a hard-working and practical Borough Council that understands and acts in the interests of this entire community. Matt and I will work tirelessly to protect the best interests of this Borough and move our residents forward together,” Floria-Callori said.