NORTH CALDWELL, NJ — Meet Arthur J. Rees, a North Caldwell resident of more than 35 years who is running as an incumbent for North Caldwell Borough Council in the upcoming election on Nov. 5.  

Basic background:

Arthur J. Rees, who works in construction, attended Essex Fells Schools for grades K-6 and West Essex Regional Schools for grades 7-12. All five of his children attended North Caldwell grammar schools and graduated from West Essex High School.

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Q: Why do you feel you deserve the job?  What qualifies you for it?

A: I believe I am qualified to run for North Caldwell Town Council because my expertise is in construction which includes site work, architectural details, etc.   The #1 complaint from North Caldwell residents that I’ve heard is regarding development within our town.  We cannot prevent developers or residents from exercising their rights Re: their property development, to do what they want “legally” with their property, but we can manage development with well thought out guidelines and rules that protect neighbors and neighborhoods in North Caldwell.


Q: What do you believe is the most important issue in this local election? How would you change it?

A: I believe development and ground water issues are 2 of the most important concerns facing North Caldwell residents.  Both go hand in hand.  I would like to re-look at all building set backs, tree permits, and other building ordinances to control the building of oversized homes in relationship to the lot size, and address the issues of loss of our natural resources by the removal of trees which impacts soil and ground water.


Q: Name one item you would reduce or cut in the municipal budget and explain why.

A: I would focus my efforts in budget to reduce legal fees.  It is an issue that every municipality faces today.  Contracts, bids, ordinances, personnel issues, etc. have a need to be reviewed and cross checked by the town legal team.  Current expenditures have increased and significantly impact our budget.


Q: Do you believe North Caldwell can benefit from more shared services with surrounding communities? If so, what would you propose?

A: Yes, I believe North Caldwell can benefit from shared services.  Right now we share services with Essex Fells for court and dispatcher service.  Verona has had some interest with the same.  I believe we should look to sharing our police department with other towns as well.


Q: Tell us about your professional career.

A: My professional career has  been in residential and commercial construction, property development, oversight and negotiation with contractors and subcontractors with the same organization since 1981.  I have worked with state and municipal inspectors as well as property owners.


Q: In what other ways you are involved in the community?

A: I am involved in my community as an active member of 
        The North Caldwell Planning Board
        The North Caldwell Board of Health
        Notre Dame Church

Q: What should people know about you that they might not know already?

A: What do people not know about me?   I am a 100% volunteer Town Council member.

I have never received medical benefits from my council position.  I receive no financial stipend for my work in North Caldwell Town Council or Planning Board.  I volunteered for 6 years on the Board of Adjustment prior to my election to the North Caldwell Town Council.  I have lived in 4 different parts of North Caldwell in my lifetime.  I presently own 2 homes and 1 business property in North Caldwell.  I have experienced and worked with multiple changes in town government, including working with 2 mayors and several council members no longer in active service.