This article has been published as part of a series of profiles on Roseland Borough Council Candidates. All candidates will be featured individually during the week leading up to the November 2019 election.

ROSELAND, NJ — Meet Jean Perrotti, one of four candidates vying a seat on the Roseland Borough Council in the upcoming election on Nov. 5. 

Basic background:

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Jean Perrotti, a current member of the Roseland Borough Council, is a 30-year resident of Roseland. She and her husband, Frank Perrotti, have two sons, Frank III and Anthony. Perrotti currently works as the leasing coordinator for Simon Property Group and is a former member of the Roseland Board of Education. She was appointed to the Roseland Borough Council in February 2019 following the resignation of a former council member.


Q: Why are you running for borough council?

A: I have been living in Roseland for 30 years and have been involved in Roseland since my sons attended Noecker School. Living in Roseland has given us such joy and so many great memories that I want to give back. Having been involved in Roseland and now serving on the council I have become aware of all the challenges we face.  I am a forward-looking person and I understand the realities of our state mandated growth and the pressures that come with that.  I believe I can offer insight, and creativity to help manage these issues while maintaining Roselands’ small-town charm.


Q: Why do you feel you deserve the job?  What qualifies you for it? 

A: What I bring to the table is a unique combination of skills, experience and knowledge.  My work experience in commercial real estate and my proven history of working for our residents illustrate that I have the right variety of skills to hold the position of Councilwoman. I have managed resources, staff, balanced budgets effectively and stayed focused on any shared goal, whether that be for the Roseland Board of Education, Roseland Free Public Library  as a Trustee, HSA, PTO of Roseland and West Essex, President and Secretary respectively, and Chairwoman of the Roseland Municipal Youth Guidance Committee, to name a few.  I have also been very fortunate over the last nine months to have been in the seat as Roseland council woman, which has allowed me to gain firsthand knowledge and experience as to what it is to be a Roseland Council woman.


Q: Name one item you would reduce or cut in the municipal budget and explain why.

A: I have to honestly say I don’t believe at this point in time anything needs to be cut. This year we, the Town Council have worked diligently to be able to maintain all of our services to the community.  We only had to pass along a municipal increase of .5%.  I will continue to work with my colleges on the council and explore additional areas, one being shared services, with other municipalities to keep the tax increase to a minimum.


Q: Do you believe Roseland can benefit from more shared services with surrounding communities? If so, what would you propose? 

Absolutely. I am currently on the shared services committee and have been on it since I joined the Town Council in February. Most recently we have executed an agreement with Verona for street sweeping which has saved the town a considerable amount of money.  We are currently looking into a shared service police dispatch system, which I believe will save the town money along with allowing us to put more officers in the field. I think that it is important to the town that we have additional services without putting any additional burden on the tax payers.


Q: What else would you like to say about Roseland? (The governing body, school system, business community, or otherwise?)

Roseland is the gem of Essex County, because of our community, facilities, recreation and our schools.  It has been that way for as long as I can remember.  My goal is to keep it that way.  New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Roseland as 14th best place to live in NJ. That doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by everyone from the governing body and down working and coming together toward that common goal of maintaining Roselands small town charm.  I feel that this governing body is achieving that by expanding on our community function, like our family picnic and our summer concerts in the park, and by being accessible to our residents and reaching out to the community for input. I am proud to be a part of this governing body and I hope on November 5th I can continue to be a part of it.