FAIRFIELD, NJ - My name is Daniel Scirica and I am running for Town Council. 15 -years ago I moved my family to Fairfield from nearby Lyndhurst. I was attracted to the feeling of suburbia with beautiful homes, an impressive school district and quiet neighborhoods. As of late, Fairfield is faced with higher density, multi-family housing. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this first hand in Lyndhurst which led to building of temporary schools and a decrease in teacher to student ratios. Which ultimately leads to increases in taxes to support additional teachers, police and proper maintenance, etc. 

Although its been reported that the State has forced the Township to build multi-family housing in our community, there is no need for over-design or over building. Our town board approved a four-story apartment building to accommodate 99 units. A town where four-story housing units are not allowed. I understand that by law our town is required to build multi-family housing in the proper zones. However, my argument is that we should not be allowing additional levels on these houses to be built.

Due to these additional levels being built, we are now faced more than ever with overcrowding of our schools and roads, and this was just one of the three apartment buildings that passed within the last year.

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As your Councilman. I will keep our town in check and be your voice. I want to help preserve our community and remove the status-quo, as a change in our town is needed. I believe in Fairfield and will do what it takes to make sure our town remains a strong and viable community. A community where each of our children can continue to be safe, active and enjoy for years to come.

Again, I strongly believe I am the right candidate to break up the "status-quo" of how the town of Fairfield has been managed and urge those who wish to see a change in a positive direction, support Daniel Scirica on June 4.