FAIRFIELD, NJ — As the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) disease continues to spread, increasing to 11 positive cases in Fairfield as of Friday, Fairfield Mayor James Gasparini reminds all residents that the governor’s “stay at home” order remains in effect until further notice.

As the weather gets warmer, the township reiterates that it is especially crucial to remind residents of all ages that all parks, fields, basketball courts, etc. remain closed, as the Fairfield Police Department continues to encounter groups of younger people congregating and playing sports in those locations.

Due to the mandates caused by the COVID-19 crisis, Gasparini began Monday night’s council meeting under unusual circumstances, as the public was not able to attend the meeting in person. However, the public was able to participate in the meeting telephonically, including Councilman John LaForgia, as the meeting was still broadcast live on channels 34 and 43.

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“We are all in this together,” said Gasparini. “Everyone is vulnerable to this virus, and we need to follow the mandates of social distancing and washing hands. There should be no parties and no playdates. You can carry the virus without even knowing it. This is an unprecedented situation, and I am proud of Fairfield citizens. Everyone is doing their part, and it seems that the virus is not spreading as rapidly as it has in other countries.”

Council President Joseph Cifelli reminded residents that there are procedures that need to be followed when entering any township buildings. Although municipal offices are opened with limited access to public entry, Cifelli encouraged residents to take advantage of the township’s online services.

All tax, water and sewer payments can be made via credit card for a slight fee at www.fairfieldnj.org, mailed to town hall or left in a special drop box in front of the police trailers. Residents can also call the tax office for guidance at 973-2700 ext. 2507 for free property tax forms.

Under the executive order, the Township of Fairfield reminds all residents—including children and teens—that they are to stay at home unless they are leaving for one the following reasons:

  • Obtaining goods or services from essential retail businesses;
  • Obtaining takeout or food beverages from restaurants;
  • Seeking medical attention, essential social services, or assistance from law enforcement;
  • Visiting family or close friends, caretakers, or romantic partners;
  • Reporting to or performing their job;
  • Walking, running, or engaging in outdoor activities with immediate family, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners;
  • Leaving for an educational, religious, or political reason;
  • Leaving because of a reasonable fear for health or safety; or
  • Leaving at the direction of law enforcement or other government agency.

For those having difficulty keeping their children at home, the township reminds residents that “it is important that we remember to talk to our children about COVID-19 and what is going on.” The township shared the following tips about how to manage this issue:

  • Don't be afraid to talk to them. Children will see people wearing masks and gloves out in public and want to know why. Explain to them what is going on.  Be honest. Help them to understand. 
  • Be reassuring. Children look to their parents for confidence, guidance and trust.
  • Focus on what you are doing to keep your family safe.
  • Keep talking. Tell your children that as you learn more, you will continue to fill them in. 
  • As always, make sure they are practicing proper hygiene, now more than ever.

Additionally, as more and more people test positive for COVID-19, the township reminds residents that there are telemedicine options online to speak with doctors and check their symptoms. Many of those options are listed on the Fairfield Police Department’s website at www.fairfieldpolicenj.org.

The next mayor and council meeting will be held on April 27 at 7 p.m.