ROSELAND, NJ — Approximately 15 residents from Roseland Green—an upscale private community of approximately 230 residences off Hyer Farm Road in Roseland—attended this week’s council meeting to express the need for the neighborhood to maintain its current speed humps.

Although the borough has no authority over the private roads, it was noted that another small group of residents had previously attended a council meeting to advocate that the borough determine the speed humps as an impediment to emergency and first responder vehicles entering the complex.

On Tuesday, multiple residents spoke of their personal encounters with speeding vehicles and recounted incidents of near misses. They declared that the installation of the speed humps has improved the safety of walkers, bicyclists and motorists. 

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Residents also noted that with the increase of delivery trucks including FedEx, UPS, USPS and Amazon trucks, traffic has increased significantly in addition to the frequent occurrences of motorists using the community’s private roads as a cut-through.

Additionally, residents expressed that the borough should not have the authority to determine whether the speed humps should remain or not since the roads are in a private community.

According to the residents who attended Tuesday’s meeting, the speed humps have been extremely effective, and the installer of the speed humps confirmed that they were done to Department of Transportation specifications. 

Resident Eric Friedman, who is a civil engineer and a five-year board member of the private community, confirmed that the speed humps were properly installed and currently meet the guidelines and specifications and have been “extremely effective.”

“Speeding was an issue and still is,” said Dave Veneri, president of the condo association. “The speed tables were initially installed in 2006 and were replaced with speed humps. They are 2.75-inches tall, and seven out of 500 residents complained…let’s keep this in perspective.”

In response, Mayor James Spango agreed that speed is an issue at Roseland Green and “has definitely come down since the speed humps were installed.”

“Our concern is to reach out to bring people together and if we can be of assistance to facilitate an understanding, we are happy to do so,” said Spango. “The issue of the speed humps has not changed the borough’s position in the upkeep of the roads.”