On the second episode of Season 3, titled "The Walking Dad," Coach Randy and Adam D welcome AMC Networks' VP of Digital Production to "the Den." South Orange native Allie Dvorin, now of West Orange, talks about how he broke into screenwriting and how his digital production team helps keep viewers engaged in AMC hits like Mad Men and The Walking Dead.

"Allie tells a great story of following one's passion, which for him was screenwriting," says Adam D. "Having to pivot during the recession of 2008, he was able to remain in entertainment while still supporting his family. It just goes to show you, you can remain in the business you love, but do it in a new skin to take care of what matters."

"It's a positive lesson all of us as parents can learn," adds Coach Randy. "Even when you have the responsibilities of family, the career compromises don't have to be so extreme."

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Dvorin and his family-of-four enjoy movie-going and skiing, but they bond over a sport a little less common in suburbia: Fencing.

"I've been in involved in youth sports for years," says Coach Randy. "I work with a lot of parents in the team sports like baseball, softball, and soccer. But I appreciate the different route Allie and his family have taken with fencing. It's a very indvidualized sport, so it's not so easy to make it a family activity."

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