With the changing season comes a changing mood. Don’t let your business fall into hibernation mode. The winter season presents the ideal time to evaluate the steps that can be taken to better your business. Consider these suggestions on how to boost productivity and keep your team energized through the cold front.

  • Boost Exposure – These months of human hibernation present the perfect opportunity to increase your exposure as a business. It’s an ideal time to brainstorm with your team on how you can bring your services to the forefront of your customers’ minds. Create blog posts, enhance your social media presence, and advertise upcoming special events that your company may be hosting. In this day and age, Facebook and Twitter are great mediums for reaching out to clients and customers.
  • Stay Active – One of the most effective ways to beat the winter blues is to exercise. Exercise is also a proven stress reliever. Encourage your team to stay active and maybe even incorporate fitness contests or activities in the workplace. Winter is also an ideal time for team building exercises. Encouraging a team spirit and active environment is likely to brighten everyone’s mood.
  • In-House Cleaning – Organize the office, clean the gutters, and finish the filing. Complete the tasks that were put on hold when the summer weather was keeping you outside. Let your workspace inspire you. Re-inventing your office space provides the opportunity to create a completely different environment, one that would encourage creativity and new ideas. Also, adjust the lighting in the office. Seasonal affective disorder is a legitimate illness and simply bringing in more natural sunlight or investing in full-spectrum lamps can relieve the problem.
  • Give Recognition – When a member of your team excels, give recognition. Employees who feel that their accomplishments are being recognized are likely to possess a desire to go above and beyond. Periodic reflection of accomplishments is also a great way to recognize the success of the company as a whole.  This reflection allows employees to appreciate how much has been achieved. Host a company event in January aimed at recognizing accomplishments. This is sure to boost morale and give employees something to get them through the coming months.
  • Make the Best of It. – Create a positive energy within your workplace. A simple attitude adjustment will likely brighten your mood. Try focusing on what you love about winter, the things that make you feel warm inside. Take on winter activities such as skiing, ice-skating, or even sledding with the kids or with friends. Changing your perspective will ultimately open your eyes to the potential winter has for productivity.

Making the most of the winter season depends greatly on positivity. Utilizing this time to re-energize your team, conduct some in-house cleaning and encourage a new attitude is sure to make this winter one of the best yet.

I would like to thank Jennie Moussa for her help on preparing this article with me. Jennie is a current Marketing Intern at Consultants 2 Go and student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Don’t forget, you can email me at Peggy@Consultants2Go.com with any questions you might have and I’ll be glad to answer them. You can also follow my business and me on Twitter @peggymchale and @consultants2go.