WEST ORANGE, NJ - TAP into West Orange received the unofficial voting totals from the Township Clerk's Office, and it appears that  West Orange remains decidedly Democratic in its voting. The totals are considered "unoffical" because they do not include the absentee or provisional ballots and must ultimately be certified by the Essex County Clerk's Office, a process that may take several days.

Tallies received from the West Orange Township Clerk's office on Nov. 6 provide the unofficial breakdown of voting in West Orange districts and wards.

The number of registered voters eligible to vote were listed as 31,567, and 38 percent of eligible voters, or 12,144 voted, a percentage approximately seven percent higher than the state average. 

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In the senate race, Democrat Cory Booker was the clear winner with 8,212 votes to Republican Jeffrey Bell's 2,538.

In the 11th District Congressional race, Mark Dunec, the democrat who opposed longtime republican Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, actually won West Orange with 4,169 votes to Frelinghuysen's 2,500. Frelinghuysen won the election with a congressional district-wide margin of 1,551 votes.

Democrat Donald Payne, Jr. garnered 2,121 votes to Republican challenger Yolanda Dentley's 548 votes.

The Essex County Executive and Freeholder races were all in favor of the Democratic incumbents. Joe DiVincenzo pulled in 7,077 votes to republican Peter Tannella's 2,392. 

Democratic At large freeholders Patricia Sebold, Rufus Johnson, Libby Jones and Brendan Gill received nearly twice as many votes as their republican counterparts, and West Orange 4th District Freeholder Leonard Luciano also received more than twice as many votes as republican challenger Rich Leonard, 5,647 - 2,422. However, district wide, Luciano's margin of victory was slim, 17,914 to Leonard's 17,002.

Local elections are considered to be non-partisan, meaning that candidates do not run on a particular party ticket. Mayor Robert Parisi won in every district and ward in the township.

In the township council race, incumbent Susan McCartney won all but two districts: 4-4 and 4-9, who voted in overall favor of Irv Schwarzbaum.

In the uncontested Board of Education race, Laura Lab garnered a whopping 4,758 votes, nearly the combined total of the three losing mayoral candidates.

In the two public questions, West Orange residents voted in favor of Public Question #1 at 3,785 - 2,439; for Public Question #2, residents voted in favor 4,489 - 1,734.

To see the Unofficial results from the West Orange Township Clerk's office, click here.

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To see the Essex County Clerk's totals, go to: http://www.essexclerk.com/election/ElectionFrame.html.

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