WEST ORANGE, NJ – Care Station Medical Group, a patient-centered open-access primary care network of six offices throughout northern and central New Jersey is re-inventing the way primary health care is being delivered, and the beneficiaries of this are their patients who are receiving better and more coordinated care that is focused on staying ahead of the curve and maintaining the patient’s health.

Dr. Richard Bezozo, M.D., CEO of Care Station Medical Group, has pioneered a care model that is based on a simple but important principle: Call Us First.

Care Station believes you should form and maintain a relationship with your primary care provider, so that he or she can get to know you and your individual healthcare needs.  That way Care Station patients receive care that respects them as individuals and is focused on their personal health needs. In this care model, for anything other than a life or limb threatening emergency,  patients are encouraged to call their trusted medical provider first, to connect with a medical professional who knows them, knows their history, and is best able to direct their care. As a result, Care Station patients are more likely to avoid the ER and unaffiliated urgent care centers where treatment can be uneven and uncoordinated, and is often delivered by doctors who treat every patient in exactly the same manner.

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“It’s a fact – consistent care with a provider that knows you and your health history results in better outcomes,” notes Dr. Bezozo. “Our Call Us First philosophy is the key. Instead of simply waiting for our patients to develop complications associated with life-altering conditions like diabetes or heart disease, Care Station practice provides Proactive care. We look at the entire individual, and plan a course of health maintenance and healthy lifestyle choices.  The result is a better overall healthcare experience, resulting in better outcomes for our patients.”

The traditional reactive American healthcare model, where patients first see doctors when they are suffering from the effects of previously undiagnosed or under treated diseases is grossly inefficient and costly.  Care Station has changed the way primary healthcare is delivered by creating an open-access primary care model that provides the convenience that people today need in an environment that is laser-focused on keeping each individual patient healthy.  

At Care Station Medical Group, it all starts with the patient’s baseline, or annual physical exam.  Patients form a relationship with their provider, whose job it is to work with the patient to develop a plan for prolonged health.  This can include diet, nutrition and exercise counseling, periodic blood or glucose testing, and medication monitoring to be assured that patients are compliant with their medication, and that their medications aren’t adversely interacting or affecting their lifestyle.

As part of its dedication to providing quality healthcare and convenience for patients, Care Station has an on-site diagnostic testing center that offers labs,  X-rays and other diagnostic modalities on site. And because the total health of the patient is the number one concern at Care Station, various wellness, prevention and health programs are supervised by a Population Health Manager.  The practice also has registered dietitians, Podiatrists, Gastroenterologists, Gynecologists, and offers occupational health care services.

The result is a patient-centered medical practice that is devoted to keeping you healthy, active and well, while taking into consideration the time constraints and life commitments that patients juggle on a daily basis.  It’s a model where patients form a relationship with a primary care doctor who knows them, knows the pressures that they face, and works as your partner in maintaining patient wellness over the patient’s lifetime.

“Care Station has always been here when you need us,” states Dr. Bezozo. “Call Us First.”

Quality primary and urgent care, along with extended hours, is available at four Care Station Medical Group locations, in Linden, West Orange, Springfield and Secaucus.  No appointment is necessary for your urgent medical care needs at Care Station. Affiliated practices in Garwood and Succasunna provide primary care by appointment only. For appointments, please call:

West Orange – 973-731-6767

Linden – 908-925-2273

Springfield – 973-467-2273

Secaucus – 201-348-3636

Garwood – 908-789-0626

Succasunna – 973-927-2888


About Care Station Medical Group:

Care Station Medical Group provides open access primary care in six New Jersey locations -- West Orange, Springfield, Secaucus, Garwood, Linden and Succasunna.  “No appointment necessary” care with extended hours is available in Care Station’s Linden, West Orange, Springfield and Secaucus offices. Care Station Medical Group accepts most insurance plans and has provided exceptional primary care to its patients since 1990.

For more, visit CareStationMedical.com.