CALDWELL, NJ — Home staging, a method of decorating meant to highlight a home’s most impressive assets, is the key to helping potential buyers imagine themselves moving in, according to realtor Jennifer Szewcyk of Coldwell Banker in Caldwell.

“Staging a home to sell doesn’t require spending a lot of money; it’s really just making smart decisions,” said Szewcyk. “I can help you make specific changes that will add value to your home and entice the buyers who come to view your home, then sit back and let me bring you the offers.”

When it comes to selling a home, Szewcyk says it all states “the minute they pull up to the house.”

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Start with the front door:

When selling your home, you want it to look its absolute best for the potential buyers who walk through the door. It starts the minute they pull up to the house. The front door is the first impression. Always make sure it’s cleaned and freshly painted, nothing looks worse than a dirty front door with spider webs, dirt and paint peeling. That will set the stage for the potential homebuyer automatically.

De-personalize the space:

One of the primary objectives of home staging is to help prospective buyers visualize the space as their own.

Start by removing any personal photos, and anything that’s hanging on your fridge. Keep clothes stored away and out of sight, and clear bathroom counters and kitchen counters free of personal items, like toiletries and appliances.


Clutter takes up space, and space is what sells. Make your home look bigger and more desirable by scaling down to just the basics. I suggest getting a POD—fill it up and store it. This is very inexpensive.

Buyers will be opening your closets to look at their storage potential, so take your time there removing as many items as you can. The less clutter you have in the space, the bigger it will look and the more appealing it will be to buyers. If your closets are over stuffed, it screams “this house has poor closet space!

Invest in a professional cleaning:

A clean home is a happy home—and not only on the inside, but the exterior, too. Be sure to wash windows, power wash steps, patios, and siding. 

Apply fresh paint and stay neutral:

This goes along way. I work closely with meticulous painters and contractors who are very reasonably priced. Bright colors on walls can be a major turn-off for buyers. When you’re staging your home to sell, one of the very best things you can do is paint over any loud colors with neutrals like gray, white and taupe. Bold colors can distract from a room’s assets.

Lighting is key:

Dark rooms are sad rooms. Brighten up by letting as much light shine in the house as possible. Open the blinds on all of the windows, which in addition to letting in more light will also make rooms seem bigger. Turn on all the lights in your house for showings, including lamps and closet lights. This helps make your home more welcoming.

Coldwell Banker Realtors is located at 484 Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell. To request Szewcyk’s expertise, contact her at or (973) 420-3379, or visit for more information.