Creating a place where people want to work should be important to every small business owner. Offering incentives such as high pay, excellent benefits, and long vacations are great but have limitations. Employees who actually like their work are the best performing employees. This comes from creating a dynamic company culture, where people enjoy their place of employment and the work they do. Apply these principles to create a dynamic culture for your small business.

  • Offer Attainable Challenges

Set goals together and keep the team in sync with company goals. This is an excellent way to motivate people. Make sure your staff understands the company vision and mission. This is imperative to keep people working together. Once everyone understands that, challenges will make sense and the team can work together. Once a challenge is accomplished the team can celebrate and congratulate each other, thus boosting moral.

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  • Honesty

People want to work for a company that isn’t going to use them and recognizes their contributions. Honesty is important because you wouldn’t want someone going behind your back, so why would your employees? Any real concerns you have, as a business owner should be shared with your team. This creates an environment of trust, which is important to creating a dynamic company culture. Employees want to work for someone they can trust and where trust is reciprocated.

  • Recognize Success

People like to be recognized. If your employees are doing good work, then tell them or announce it to the team. Workers will not think their tasks are arbitrary if good work is recognized. Recognizing success also reinforces people working together to achieve a common goal. If excellent work is praised, employees stay motivated and will keep working towards the vision and mission initially shared.

  • Implement Diversity

Allow diversity to take a variety of forms, both cultural and intellectual. Being open to people’s ideas and customs is a prime ingredient for creating a dynamic company culture. You never know what sort of combinations or permutations will create a great idea or make a process more efficient. Employees like to be heard and it is your duty as a small business owner to keep an open mind and let them speak. It is also important for employees to listen to each other.

  • Focus on Fitness

A healthy body is a healthy mind. Both are ideal for employees. Take the initiative to encourage co-workers to exercise. Too many companies run their workers to the ground and don’t offer exercise incentives. Try to encourage exercise in a company gym or even work out together. Exercise is a great way to build confidence and build a community, creating a dynamic company culture.

I would like to thank Patrick Coughlin for his help on preparing this article with me. Patrick recently graduated from Temple University and is a marketing intern at Consultants 2 Go. Don’t forget, you can email me at with any questions you might have and I’ll be glad to answer them. You can also follow my business and me on Twitter @peggymchale and @consultants2go.