WEST ORANGE, NJ – Rising seniors at West Orange High School meeting the rigorous Escriptus Honor Society requirements joined the ranks of the prestigious honor society on June 8, while graduating seniors received their cords. 

To qualify for Escriptus students must receive a grade of “A” in all Language Arts classes for all four years of high school. Once becoming a member, students must attend meetings, maintain a monthly bulletin board, participate in school activities, assist in the coordination of the annual Poetry Out Loud event, and be published in three separate publications. 
Language Arts Supervisor for Grades 6-12 Elizabeth Veneziano welcomed the family, friends and colleagues present for the ceremony. Outgoing president Ann Krishnan welcomed new members while wishing graduates the best as they headed off to college, and advisors Mindy Harvat and Molly Wachtel presented cords to the seniors: 
Denise Alabi
Brianna Attamante
Annlynn Fernandes
Mythili Kanagala
Anupama Krishnan
Jalen Lesly
Abigail Mesfin
Robert Newman
Kristine Spike
Dasha Temniy 
Following the cord presentation, the 2016-2017 Escriptus members were inducted: 
Sophia Adelson
Deborah Alabi
Divya Anand
Austin Bartola
Niara Boykin
Elijah Chilton
Abraham Dada
Samantha Dinio
Aira Dolfo
Fabiola Etienne
Ivana Onubogu
Anusha Sivendra
Peyton Smith
Bianca Trinidad
The Escriptus Honor Society, whose motto “Gelast Sceal Mid Are,” or “Duty Goes With Honor,” adorns their seal, also recognized the members of their advisory committee: Victor Alcindor, Elicia Baker, Katie Baran, Tonio Favetta, Mindy Harvat, Janine Sullivan, Tynia Thomassie, and Molly Wachtel. 
The new members recited a choral poem they had written entitled “The Experience of Reading and Writing.” Newly-named president Elijah Chilton tasked Escriptus members with the expansion of the Poetry Out Loud program school and district-wide. 

“We want to present a platform for collaboration and growth…great work does not happen in a vacuum,” he said.
The evening concluded as Horvath and Wachtel encouraged students to “keep reading and keep writing.”
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