WEST ORANGE, NJ - The Friends of the West Orange Public Library will be manning a concession stand at the library, only a few feet from the Slide The City water ride, and conducting other fundraising activities on June 4 during the West Orange Street Fair.

This is the first fundraiser for the group since forming earlier this year to "combat severe financial challenges at the library." 

Friends will feature a concession stand adjacent to the waterslide on Mount Pleasant Avenue in front of the Library, with food and drink available all day at what they call "attractive prices."

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“The library serves all West Orange residents, so it made perfect sense to us to serve the riders and spectators of Slide The City,” said Jerry Sweeney, President of the Friends.

“Just as everyone comes to the library to make their lives better through books, music, computers video, art and activities, they can come to the library yard for food and drink to enhance their enjoyment of Slide The City and the fair. People can help the library while having fun.”

The concession stand features donations from a variety of West Orange vendors, and will be open starting with the first Slide The City ride at 9 a.m. and throughout the day. It will have coffee, bagels, pizza, chips, sweets, doughnuts, snacks, water, soda and Gatorade. The operation will be staffed by Friends members and youth.

“You can get the food and drink you need without missing a second of the action literally next door at the water slide,” said Marge Mingin, Vice President of Friends. “You can wet your whistle while getting wet at the same time from the Slide The City splash.”

In addition, the group will also have a boothat the West Orange Street Fair with a staffed table on Main Street that will offer information on the Friends organization and how to obtain a Friends membership, where you can support the library while obtaining a variety of benefits; a 50/50 raffle; and  a limited selection of books for sale at bargain basement prices, which is part of the library's regular rotation of book selection. A much bigger sale will be held in the Fall.

All net proceeds from all the efforts will be donated to the library, which the group says "has struggled to maintain a high level of services while dealing with a multi-year budget decline."

"To volunteer to help run all the activities and concession stand, you can easily sign up by clicking here,

For more information on Friends of the West Orange Library, visit http://www.wopl.org/friends and FOTWOL on Facebook