Dear Editor,

           I write to endorse the candidacy of incumbent Councilman Jerry Guarino for re-election.  I have known and worked with Mr. Guarino for more years than I can recount.  Both in words and deeds Jerry places the interests of the residents of West Orange in the top grouping of his daily concerns. 

          Jerry’s service as a Member, and for one term as President, of the Township Council has been exemplary.  Jerry always appears at meetings well-prepared and spends countless hours reviewing resolutions, ordinances, correspondence and other matters to be considered by the Council.

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          We should all applaud Jerry’s efforts with respect to sponsoring ordinances to increase the purchasing age for tobacco and licensing sales of E-Cigarettes.  I am also familiar with Jerry’s efforts to reduce speed limits along Pleasant Valley Way.  This, of course, requires action by Essex County and such action would be for the benefit of our residents.

          Simply stated, Jerry is the most qualified individual to hold a seat as a Member of the Township Council.  His integrity and earnestness are beyond question and those traits are certainly refreshing in these current times.

Very truly yours,

Philip D. Neuer