WEST ORANGE, NJ - TheAlternativePress.com is excited to announce that Jessica Marrone-Parkes and Jackie Goldman-Schatell, who run The Alternative Press of Livingston, are joining forces with Cynthia Cumming at The Alternative Press of West Orange.

“We are very excited to embark on this new journey with Cynthia,” said Schatell. “Cynthia has been doing a great job of covering all things West Orange, and we hope to help her continue to do so and grow her advertising base.”

“I grew up in Livingston, and have a fondness for West Orange, which is located close by, and look forward to partnering with Cynthia to cover both towns effectively,” said Parkes.

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“I'm happy to be working with two seasoned journalists with marketing and sales backgrounds that will allow me to stay focused on providing West Orange news. I am also excited that WoTap will be expanding its mentoring opportunities for high school and college students as well as local residents," said Cumming.

About Jackie Goldman-Schatell

Aside from being a resident of West Orange for over a decade, Jackie’s connection to the town goes back much farther. Her great-grandfather, Morris Goldman, arrived in West Orange, via horse and buggy, in 1916, after winning what would later become the Goldman Hotel, and then the Town and Campus and finally the Wilshire Grand, in a card game. He and his four sons, one of which was Maclyn S. Goldman, Jackie’s grandfather, ran the hotel, which soon became a very well-known resort that was frequented by people near and far, as well as celebrities.

Goldman also won the property on Pleasant Valley Way, which now houses B’nai Shalom, the fire station, a group of stores and the Woodlands. The family later donated the property to the fire station and temple.

The Gold Room at the Hotel boasted the talents of stars like: Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Henny Youngman, Milton Berle, Red Skeleton, Rodney Dangerfield and many others.

“My dad got his nickname ‘Champ’ at the hotel when Max Baer was there training for a championship boxing fight,” said Schatell. “Baer gently punched my dad’s baby cheek and said ‘Champ’. The name stuck with my dad, who went on to become a great athlete, and it is still his nickname today.”

The family was also very charitable and Morris’ wife, Millie, was known to bring food to all of the local churches, temples and homes of people in need.

Maclyn, aka “Mac” who was the West Orange Municipal Court Judge in the early 1950’s, as well as the longest standing member and Chairman of the West Orange Democratic Party, State Senator from 1965 -1967, and Essex County Treasurer until he died in 1977, was as charitable as his mom, and always helped those in need. One such person was Abe Lando, who prior to becoming a well-known fixture in West Orange, and the town’s ‘Uncle Abe,’ as well as the Town Historian and Deputy Mayor, was Jackie’s father Martin “Champ” Goldman’s “Uncle Abe,” first.

“Uncle Abe used to tell me wonderful stories about my grandpa, and said that he got his love for the town and politics from him,” said Schatell.

“When I was around six years old, I woke up one day and there was this man, who I later called ‘Uncle Abe’ sleeping on my family’s porch,” said Goldman, whose legal practice was located in West Orange for nearly 20 years before relocating to West Caldwell. “

“Uncle Abe had come home from the war and had nowhere to stay, so he moved in with us,” said Goldman.

“I have loved hearing all of the stories about my family growing up in West Orange since I was a little girl,” said Schatell. “My mom, then Barbara Klein, grew up in West Orange with her parents, Irving and Kay Klein and late sister Judy Lorman. My grandpa Irving, now 104, who lives with my parents, used to take me to fly kites and feed the birds in the local West Orange parks.”

Schatell who has lived in West Orange since 2001 added, “Due to my affinity for the town, I chose to live in West Orange and start my family there. My son attends Mount Pleasant Elementary School and participates in town sports. I am his class mom and am active in the PTA. I have made many wonderful friends here and couldn’t be happier. So, partnering with Cynthia Cumming at The Alternative Press of West Orange is a dream-come-true. I can now not only report on and help businesses grow through advertising with The Alternative Press of Livingston, but I can now do the same in West Orange.”

“I like to tell people I write about and potential advertisers that I bring something extra to my job,” said Schatell. “As a seasoned writer, publicist, marketer and natural networker, I use all of my skills to help promote and get as much mileage as possible for my stories and clients. I am always meeting new people and connecting people and businesses when I find a reason, whether it be two people who I think would benefit from having an event together, attending a networking event, or recommending a space for a meeting or party. In addition, I use social media to push stories and advertisers’ messages out to the masses on a daily basis. So, aside from getting one’s name out to more than 95,000 unique users in Livingston and over 134,000 in West Orange, as well as a column, premium business listings, calendar event listings, a feature story, and real estate listings, people also get my public relations and marketing expertise as a free-be in their marketing packages.”

Schatell graduated from George Washington University, in Washington DC with a B.A. in English. Jackie began her career locally in the public relations department of Saint Barnabas Medical Center, in Livingston. She is a seasoned publicist and writer who specializes in promoting small to mid-size businesses, companies and people.

About Jessica Parkes-Marrone

Jessica Marrone Parkes was born and raised in Livingston NJ. She graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in International Studies and Communication Studies. After school, Jessica started her professional career as a B2B Sales Manager for an International News Monitoring Organization. She has written professionally and photographed events for various local establishments. She is active in the community and is on the Board of the Livingston Chamber of Commerce. Jessica and her husband Cary live locally and serve as welcome hosts for The Crossing Church of Livingston.

About Cynthia Cumming

With her background in organization, administration, networking, outreach, and advocacy, Cynthia has put her writing skills to use in growing the Alternative Press of West Orange into one of the top TAP's sites with over 134,00 unique users in one year. She also recruits and mentors college and high school students to support and encourage their dreams to develop journalistic skills by providing a platform for them on The Alternative Press of West Orange

For the past 16 years, Cynthia Cumming, her husband Doug, and her sons, Evan and Andrew, have been residents of West Orange.  Evan attends Montclair State University and Andrew is a student at West Orange High School.

In addition to involvement and advocacy in the West Orange Public Schools as a class parent, PTA president, executive board member, technology coordinator, fundraiser, and event organizer, Cynthia was a Commissioner on both the Public and Human Relations Commissions in town. She is particularly passionate about anti-bullying efforts, whether it involves children, or adults.

Cynthia has been the Food Pantry Administrator for the Holy Trinity West Orange Food Pantry for the past three years, writing grants, handling state and federal food compliance via the Community Food Bank, fundraising, marketing, social networking, and more. 400-500 persons receive healthy and nutritious foods from the food pantry.

Cynthia's goal is to see The Alternative Press of West Orange connect with the community to provide information and be a supportive resource for local businesses.

About TAP

This latest licensing agreement is in keeping with TheAlternativePress.com's goal to locate local residents who are qualified and invested in keeping local residents informed of local news, sports, entertainment and events, while also ensuring that local businesses who promote their products and services to a purely local audience, will prosper and grow. These professional business people are well-known and respected in their own communities, and want to ensure the prosperity of their own towns, while forging an exciting and involved local lifestyle for themselves and their families.  

The Alternative Press was founded in 2008 and is the first all-online newspaper to receive accreditation by the New Jersey Press Association.  

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