(Editor's Note: This is the final submission of Endorsement Letters for Board of Education Candidate's, these for Sandra Mordecai.  Tuesday, November 5 is Election Day.  Exercise your educated right to vote.  These letters are the opinions of the authors.)

Michele Lewis-Fleming  

I have been resident of this community for 13 years with two children.  I am truly concerned with the education system and the opportunities that may not be accessible to our children.  Our children are our future leaders, and we need someone on the board who is not afraid to challenge the status quo and ask the more difficult questions.  Sandra has proven her stake in her first term.

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Furthermore, the district is about to embark upon the superintendent search and we need individuals to serve on the board that will push for an innovative agenda to help our children achieve and compete on the regional and national level.

I believe that Sandra understands these issues and her professional background combined with her board member training and compassion for children are compelling reasons for her to be re-elected to the West Orange Board of Education on November 5th.

Brett Carroll

I believe Sandra has clearly demonstrated her compassion for our children and her passion for advocating on behalf of our children. Given the challenges and complexities of overseeing such a large and diverse student population, Sandra has been able to collaboratively work with her colleagues and serve the West Orange community with integrity, dignity and professionalism. Equally important, Sandra has been able to add a different perspective to difficult and sensitive issues and challenges that have faced The Board of Education. Her connection to the community allows her to offer insight and perspective that represents the concerns, values, hopes and dreams of the underserved at risk student population in West Orange. If The Board is to be reflective and representative of it’s constituency, than it only makes good community sense and good business sense to afford Sandra the opportunity to continue to advocate on behalf of the community she represents. 

Brynn Whittle

            I support Sandra M. Mordecai for re-election to the West Orange Board of Education because she has proven to me in her first term that she is committed to balancing the need to provide our children with a well-rounded education while being fiscally responsible. She is still committed to greatness for our district.

            I have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside Sandra Mordecai before she became a West Orange Board of Education member. It was at the point when she became inspired to take her love of community and passion for education and put it to good use on the Board. I stepped forward along with others to support her mission, and there’s never a day I regret it.

            Sandra has been dedicated, meticulous, determined and resourceful as a Board member. She remains engaged in community activities that will help her keep a connection with the issues, concerns and needs of the community-at-large. Sandra has given countless volunteer hours, including taking numerous board member trainings all over the state, to fulfill her commitment to the district. Her own conviction to achieve excellence ensures that she stays on the cutting edge of issues facing New Jersey school boards so that she can be a prepared voice at the table on our behalf.

            Knowing first-hand of her personal goal and desire to be fully prepared and qualified to sit at the table, I can quite honestly and proudly say that when I cast my vote for Sandra on November 5th, I am voting with confidence that the district from which my son graduated will continue to grow and thrive at a time when public education is under attack and in need of reform.

Catherine Sutherland

I support Sandra Mordecai for the West Orange Board of Education who is seeking re-election.   Sandra has demonstrated her commitment to the education of the children of West Orange with her creative and inclusive approach to bringing the community together to foster collaboration for all to benefit our town.  Sandra brings a high level of competency, compassion and credibility to help the children of West Orange to achieve and compete on the regional and national levels.  Join me on November 5th to re-elect Sandra  Mordecai  to the West Orange Board of Education.