​WEST ORANGE, NJ - On April 16, student members of the Liberty Middle School Helping Hands Club and Student Council volunteered their services at the Community Food Bank of Hillside. 

Chaperoned by Liberty teachers Ms. Horwitz and Ms. Zohar, students were put to work scooping whole wheat pasta and packaging it in one-pound bags, while another group sealed each bag and labeled it. In all, students bagged 3,100 bags of pasta and donated $100 in cash, as well as canned goods to the food bank.

Students learned that CFBNJ provides state and federal food and low-cost food to local soup kitchens and food pantries throughout Essex County. Over one million families benefit from the help they receive from food pantries.

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The food bank is a huge warehouse the size of four football fields and it provides a variety of products. When LMS students visited, they saw fresh produce, water bottles, canned vegetables, boxed food items and even diapers being prepared for distribution.

The Holy Trinity-West Orange Food Pantry is a member of the CFB in Hillside, not only receiving state and federal allocations via the food bank, but low cost purchases as well.

The Community Food Bank, along with the food pantries it helps, depends on volunteers to help them feed the hungry. According to a representative for the school, the Food Bank’s motto, “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world,” a quote by Margaret Mead, was in evidence in the actions of the Liberty students and all those at work at the food bank.