Dear West Orange Friends, Neighbors and Families,

Over the past year, I led a parents’ coalition that raised awareness, elevated parental dialogue with the WOBOE Administration, and effected improvements in Middle School Math, Language Arts and Standardized Test Prep. At the request of a diverse group of parents and community leaders from varied ideologies and backgrounds, I decided to run for the Board of Education. I accepted the challenge in order to serve our children, to maximize our tax payers’ return on investment, to bring in new revenue for growth with lesser reliance on taxes, and to be a bridge builder and unifying force in our town. As individuals, we are isolated voices of concern. 

TOGETHER WE CAN be a chorus of concerted action and creative ideas for progress.

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OUR CHILDREN deserve the best education possible…an education that empowers them to compete and succeed, and to experience a richness and depth of learning that brings them fulfillment in their lives, and sparks vocations and careers.  

OUR Families and tax payers are shareholders who benefit from a school system that rises from good to premiere, and lifts our property values and our town’s prestige, so that we become a beacon that shines for families, businesses, and investment. I want to enhance our investment in best-in-class academics, and reduce our reliance on tax dollars by engaging the corporations and foundations that invest hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars in education partnerships.

OUR BOARD MUST CHOOSE A SUPERINTENDENT/Chief Administrative Officer FOR WEST ORANGE SCHOOLS with a vision, management leadership successes, diversity training and experience with diverse communities, budget management expertise, curriculum policy prowess, facilities management, and high school experience (WOHS is like mini college campus).

MY UNIQUE QUALIFICATIONS are commensurate with BOE responsibilities of management leadership in curriculum policy development AND IMPLEMENTATION (where most of the issues occur), budget and facilities management, and creation of new revenue.

I am the ONLY BOE candidate with the following attributes:

  • Children in the school system (one in 2nd grade and one in 7th grade)
  • YALE degree with education in history and the sciences
  • Current leadership in WO advocacy and youth development, working with parents and kids weekly

-      Mountain Top League: Current Board of Directors and volunteer coach for 4 years

-      Boy Scouts Leader: Current Council Board of Directors; Scout Leader 7 years, and advocate for gender equality

-      Active on 4 PTAs over 8 years and current involvement in 2

-      Led a Middle School Parents Coalition: Drove improvements in academics
  • 25+ years of marketing, strategic planning and publishing, managing big budgets (Pepsi, Ford, McDonald’s, etc.)
  • 1st career psychiatric counseling/case management
  • Experience with nonprofit EDUCATION partnerships and fund development: UNCF, INROADS, et al. I have a prequalified list of over 300 corporations and foundations that invest in education
  • Digital publishing with understanding of tech ed and STEM educational needs
  • 30+ years of English/Math tutoring, athletics coaching and counseling


Bring EXCELLENCE to Education in West Orange through…


  • Improve Curriculum Management: Upgraded standards, rigor and performance metrics FOR ALL STUDENTS
  • Execute 360-degree administrator evaluations
  • Strengthen Budget Control – Financial forensic audit and administrative, quality assurance process audit
  • Generate millions of dollars in new revenue: Corporate and foundation grants, partnerships, donations and sponsorships
  • Empower Parent as Shareholders: Feedback surveys and parent curriculum committees
  • Support Teachers in Supporting Our Children: More teachers aides and free tutors via university and corporate partnerships

Best Practices in Education:

  • Adopt practices of top performing schools in WO, NJ State and across the U.S.  
  • Differentiated Instruction – Addressing INDIVIDUAL NEEDS AND PERFORMANCE COHORTS/LEVELS with enrichment curricula, critical thinking skills, supplementary worksheets and web tutorials, advanced projects, and make HAP curricula available to all as part of Enrichment
  • Support teachers and parents: Free tutors and teachers aides via university and corporate partners
  • Summer ESL for ALL who benefit through corporate and foundation grants
  • Expand HAP from top 2% to top 5% with annual evaluations/enrollment based upon grades and standardized scores each year (does not stop at 2nd or 4th grade InView)

Competitive Excellence:

  • Teach “21st-Century Skills” in technology/computer languages provided by corporations
  • Brand WO Education in the town “WHERE INNOVATION LIVES” through Science Leadership
  • Raise standards on par with top private schools

Please review the following in your considerations:

  1. The West Orange Chronicle Endorsement attached
  2. Link to the Mark A. Robertson YouTube featuring video from "Shop Talk" and the "Gregory PTA  Meet the Candidates" Events:  
  3. Visit:
  4. Tune in to or DVR the Council of PTA’s Candidates Debate TV on Channel 36 for Comcast and Channel 45 for Verizon Fios

·         Monday 3:00 PM & 5:00 PM

·         Tuesday 2:00 PM