Brinton Eaton, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm based in New Jersey, announced today that Chief Investment Officer Jerry A. Miccolis and Investment Strategist Marina Goodman have authored “Dynamic Asset Allocation: Using Momentum to Enhance Portfolio Risk Management” for the February 2012 issue of the Journal of Financial Planning (JFP).   Miccolis and Goodman are also the authors of “Next Generation Risk Management: Putting the ‘Modern’ Back in Modern Portfolio Theory,” an article that appeared in the January 2012 issue of the JFP.  On the basis of those articles, Miccolis and Goodman have subsequently been tapped to be ongoing contributors to the magazine’s Investment Research column.

“We are proud of Jerry’s and Marina’s contributions to the Journal of Financial Planning, one of the pre-eminent publications of the financial planning profession,” said Robert DiQuollo, Brinton Eaton Chief Executive Officer.   “As thought leaders, Jerry and Marina have much to share with the industry and consumers on the topic of investment risk management for the 21st century.”

The article, which currently appears in the publication’s February 2012 issue, discusses how dynamic asset allocation (DAA), an enhanced form of asset allocation, takes rebalancing to the next level by enabling advisors to make more informed choices about when and how to successfully rebalance and allocate portfolios.  Among the topics explored is the usefulness of various external and internal market signals including momentum-based moving average strategies like sector rotation.

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“DAA bridges the divide between the long-term strategic and the short-term tactical,” write Miccolis and Goodman.  “DAA, in conjunction with ‘modernized’ Modern Portfolio Theory (discussed in the January 2012 JFP article) and tail-risk hedging (when all else fails), collectively form the vanguard of the next generation of investment risk management. “   

About the Authors:

Jerry A. Miccolis, CFA, CFP®, FCAS, is a principal and chief investment officer at Brinton Eaton as well as a portfolio manager for The Giralda Fund.  A sought-after speaker and author, he co-wrote Asset Allocation For Dummies® (Wiley 2009) and numerous works on enterprise risk management.  Mr. Miccolis is a resident of Basking Ridge.

Marina Goodman, CFP®, is an investment strategist at Brinton Eaton and also a portfolio manager for The Giralda Fund.  Her work has focused on bridging the gap between research and practice in improving the portfolio optimization process.  Ms. Goodman is a resident of West Orange.

About Brinton Eaton:
Based in Madison, NJ, Brinton Eaton is an SEC-registered wealth advisory firm with a long history of serving individuals and their families across multiple generations. The firm helps its clients protect, grow, administer, and ultimately transfer their legacy of wealth through a full range of integrated services, including financial/tax/estate/retirement planning, investment management, charitable giving, and business succession planning. Brinton Eaton’s clients tend to be corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees, and multi-generational families. For more information, visit