WEST ORANGE, NJ - Despite physical, back-and-forth exchanges and numerous attempted shots, Millburn defeated the West Orange varsity hockey team, 6-3, with a late scoring power play this past Friday at Codey Arena.

The game’s first faceoff put the puck in possession of Millburn, allowing Millburn’s Max Lechtman (#3) to make an assist to Nathan Rackzkowski and score a goal only two minutes into the game. However, the other four shots on West Orange’s goal were saved by Mark Starbinski.

West Orange senior Alec Hill played a strong offense, making several shots, although West Orange didn’t score during the first period. West Orange’s Jonathan Miller kept the puck in West Orange’s possession, made several shots on Millburn’s goal, and played a good offensive and defensive game.

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Toward the end of the first period, West Orange continued to make frequent shots which were all saved by Millburn’s goalie, Corey Nadell. With only 20 seconds on the clock, Millburn’s Griffin Meselsohn made a run, but was stopped short by West Orange senior Jonathan Miller.

The second period started out with Alec Hill and Elijah Roberts (#9 & #10) shooting an assist to Jonathan Miller (#12) in making a power play against Millburn with 14 minutes still on the clock. Another shot on the goal was saved by Millburn’s #34.

Millburn scored with 5 minutes on the buzzer and #18, Nathan Raczkowski, scored with an assist from John Bergeron. Millburn scored another goal on West Orange with Griffin Meselsohn leading the power play.

West Orange's Alec Hill suffered a knee injury but continued to play through the pain.

The third period began slowly for both teams, but picked up and both teams became very aggressive. West Orange made seven shots on goal and scored twice thanks to Max Gomes (#19), Jonathan Miller, and assists by Chris Hanley and Alec Hill. 

Both teams continued to push and shove and West Orange brought themselves up, but the game ended with a power play from Millburn headed by Alex Barney (#25).

After the game, Captain and Senior Chris Hanley said, “We did a lot of things right, but unfortunately not enough.”  

West Orange’s Allan Morancie (#6) and Chris Hanley (#5) played a good offensive game despite the loss. 

"We have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the season," said Hanley.

West Orange plays Montclair at 7:45 p.m. on December 21 and Gill St. Bernard’s at 3:00 p.m. on December 26.