(Editor's Note: West Orange School Board Elections are two days away.  We are publishing these letters of endorsement for Mark Robertson today and our last series of letters tomorrow These letters were sent to the Alternative Press by community members in support of candidates, and not solicited by us. They remain the opinion of the author.)

Jack Dean

I am writing in support of Mark Robertson for election to the West Orange Board of Education this November. 
It's said that people make decisions of who to vote for by considering two key questions: Does the candidate understand the needs of people like me? and Do I trust the candidate to do what needs to be done?  I know Mark well and can say "Yes" to Mark Robertson on each of these questions.  
Mark and his family have been in town for a number of years and his children attend the West Orange public schools, just like my family.   He understands what's at stake in properly educating all our children. He understands the need to run an efficient school system so that our taxes are reasonable and property values stay strong, so I know he understands our needs.  Mark is also very trustworthy and works as hard as he can to do what's right.  I've worked with him on local and regional community service organizations and he has great energy and passion to understand the issues and get things done in a constructive way. 

I trust Mark to do what needs to be done for all our children, and that's why I'm voting for him for Board of Education on November 5th.
Fred Sanders
My name is Fred Sanders and I have been a resident of West Orange for 7 years.  At the behest of the publicly silent voices that echo in the comfort of private spaces, those who have publicly championed the cause for excellence and our fellow residents whose financial circumstances and work schedules do not afford the luxury of full engagement, I submit this letter in support of Mark Robertson's candidacy for the West Orange Board of Education
Mark Robertson’s determination, professionalism and passion define the characteristics of great leadership.  In a town that has been polarized along narratives of differences, Mark has managed to build bridges that hold the hope of realizing the vision to which we all aspire: a West Orange where every child has access to a world class education; a West Orange where parents can focus on earning with full faith and confidence that the school district is handling the business of our children’s learning.
The endeavor requires disciplined and visionary leadership.  The journey requires innovative though within the spirit of collaboration.  It requires us to challenge conventional wisdom and embrace the reality of new possibilities.   
Mark Robertson has presented wonderful solutions to overhaul our language arts and math programs to better dial in on best practices. He advocated for NJ Ask test prep for all students.  He subscribes to the notion that every child has a gift that must be cultivated.    But more importantly and impressively, all of Mark’s ideas were accompanied by salient and supportive research.  
Finally, Mark Robertson realizes that, "there is much more in us, West Orange, than we have become".  Please join me in supporting this very worthy and capable candidate for West Orange Board of Education.