WEXNETWomenNational has created an exciting buzz amongst professional women throughout the United States by introducing online business networking to some that have never heard of this before. “Online social networking has been an impressive business tool for the past few years, so I didn’t invent the concept, I’m just helping to promote it. Having the luxury to make national business connections from the comfort and convenience of our own computer is a business tool that we can all use” says Founder Beth Vigilante-Iacullo.  Recognizing that professional women face many challenges juggling careers, families and social lives, the convenience of online networking is a simple solution. “Business networking shouldn’t be a challenge or just added to our “to-do” list; it has to be taken seriously and designated time has to be invested to get to know each other on both personal and professional levels. It’s that simple formula that has created our success and led us to open the National doors.” adds Beth. 

This membership based online networking community, headquartered in West Orange, NJ is exclusive to businesswomen throughout the United States. All professional women are invited to visit the website at www.wexnetnational.net  to learn more about the many benefits of a WWNatl membership.

About The Founder 
Beth Vigilante-Iacullo has a passion for bringing powerful women together and has watched successful bridges built between businesswomen over the years. Having started WEXNET solely as a NJ based in-person networking group in 2004, creating WEXNETWomenNational 6 years later as an interactive online community was a natural transition. Vigilante-Iacullo is also the CEO of B.A.C.I. Enterprises, Inc a Virtual Office Services company www.baci.ws located in West Orange, NJ.