WEST ORANGE, NJ – West Orange police recently responded to multiple reports of home and business burglaries and on shoplifting incident.

Home Thefts

1. Black Mongoose bicycle, May 6, $80 value. A bicycle was stolen from the backyard of a home on Pillot Place. The victim said her fence was bent as if someone jumped on it to steal the bicycle from the backyard. Her son noticed the bicycle was missing, police said.

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2. Three unknown suspects steal $4480, 146 Gregory Avenue, May 11. A 90-year-old male was approached outside of his residence by three currently unknown suspects who told him they would work on his driveway for $250. He negotiated a price of $200, and the suspects seal coated his driveway.

A short time later, the victim received a phone call and went inside of his residence. Upon returning to his open garage, he observed the female suspect sitting in the driver's side of his unlocked vehicle.

After the driveway work was complete, the suspects left the area in an unknown direction driving a beige station wagon. The victim went to his vehicle, and discovered that his red plastic type wallet containing $480 in $20 bills was missing, along with an envelope from PNC Bank that contained $4,000 in $100 bills.

Both items were contained inside the driver's side-door pocket. The victim stated that after the suspects left, he closed the garage door and had no other visitors at his residence.

3. Burglary of Residence, 24 Maple Street, May 12, $4,040 in stolen goods. Upon the arrival of police officers, the victim stated that she left the residence for an hour earlier in the day.

When she arrived home, she noticed the front door to the residence on the north side of the residence was unlocked and ajar. When she entered her room on the second floor, the victim saw that the dresser draw was open, her Apple MacBook Pro was missing, and her TV had been moved.

When her father arrived home, he saw that his bedroom on the second floor was ransacked. He stated that taken from his room were a Surface watch, Aldo watch, an Xbox, $2000 in US currency, two silver necklaces, two silver bracelets, and a backpack with two pairs of shoes.

One of the family members was home during the above hours, but was in her bedroom on the first floor. She stated that she heard a male voice that she recognized as the landlord’s friend. He entered the residence from the back door, which was normal due to him doing repairs and moving furniture.

She never saw this suspect, according to police, and there were no signs of forced entry to the front or rear door.

Business Theft

Police responded on May 8 to a call from a local business owner who reported a business theft. The officer met with the owner and his wife, who took over the bookkeeping of the business.

The wife discovered two days earlier that the fuel expense does not match up with the mileage on a 2015 Ford van that is used for delivery. According to police, the wife discovered receipts dating back to the beginning of last year.

She provided the officer with paperwork showing that for the year of 2016, the approximate amount that should have been spent for gas was $1821. The actual amount that was spent was $3710.

From the beginning of this year, the approximate amount that should have been spent for gas was $526. The actual amount that was spent was $1861.

She stated that only one employee utilizes the vehicle. This employee only fuels up the vehicle at a particular gas station in West Orange. He turns in a company credit card form and a receipt from the gas station.

The owner advised the officer that he is unsure whether the theft is being done by his employee or the gas station. The owner was advised to contact the court clerk if he chooses to file formal complaints when the actor is identified. The owner was also provided with a phone number to the Consumer Affairs Weights and Measures office.


A shoplifter was caught on May 8 at Whole Foods, 235 Prospect Avenue. Upon the officers’ arrival, Whole Foods security stated that a woman was observed concealing several items in her purse while shopping in the store.

The shoplifter was charged with taking beef stew meat valued at $16.87, balsamic vinegar valued at $6.39, chicken tenderloin valued at $11.32, salad valued at $6.38, raspberries valued at $5.99, blackberries valued at $4.99, cherries valued at $13.26, lemon valued at $.99 9, vine tomato valued at $1.52, and a health bar valued at $3.39.

Security followed the woman out of the store, and stopped her just outside in the parking area. She agreed to come back inside and await the police.

The items were discovered in her purse in the security office. A receipt of the stolen items, totaling $71.54, was provided by Whole Foods. The woman was arrested on scene and transported to headquarters. She was released pending court action.