WEST ORANGE, NJ — A West Orange woman is missing nearly $55,000 worth of jewelry that she reported may have been stolen from her home.

The missing items included a 3.5-carat diamond single solitaire pendant valued at $40,000; a platinum chain valued at $2000; a yellow gold tennis bracelet valued at $4500; two strands of white pearls valued at $2000; a woman’s thick gold chain valued at $2700; a gold choker necklace valued at $1000; a triangle onyx and diamonds pendant valued at $1500; and a white-gold tennis bracelet valued at $2500.

A West Orange police officer arrived at the resident’s home on Sullivan Dr. on a report of theft on Sept. 9, where the victim stated that she put on some jewelry pieces to wear to her grandson’s wedding earlier in the week and left the rest of her jewelry inside a gray-colored pouch in her bedroom.

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After the wedding on Sept. 5, she removed the jewelry and placed them on her dresser, but did not think to look for the rest of the jewelry at the time. According to police, the victim further stated that when she arrived home she entered through the closed garage door and noticed that the inside door leading to the home was wide open.

It wasn’t until Sept. 6, however, that she noticed that the gray pouch and the rest of the jewelry were missing. Police conducted an interior and exterior check of the residence for any attempts of forced entry with negative results.

Her two daughters, son, husband and daughter-in-law were notified and advised to contact headquarters if she locates the missing jewelry or has any photographs of the mentioned pieces.

A second burglary to a residence was also reported at a residence on Belgrade Terrace on Sept. 9, where $3050 worth of jewelry, electronics and other personal items were taken by an unknown person(s).

According to police, the reporting person (the mother of the owner) stated that she responded to the residence to walk the talk and upon her return noticed that the air conditioner usually located on the south side of the home was on the floor and the window open. Surveying the home, she then noticed that that the master bedroom was in “complete disarray,” with draws and closets ransacked.

Responding officers identified that the following items were missing: 42-inch flat screen Samsung television ($500); a gold bracelet (100); diamond earrings ($500); two Apple TVs and two iPhone 5’s; and additional items like pillow cases, cologne, military souvenirs and pins, foreign money, DVD’s and video games.

On Sept. 12, officers responded to Lawrence Avenue on a third report of burglary to a residence, where the burglary alarm was activated. According to police, the homeowner stated that she was awaken by the sound of her alarm and found that her black Nike wallet was missing from the kitchen counter located near the back porch door, which was left unlocked overnight.

The victim reported that the wallet contained a New Jersey driver’s license, multiple credit cards and $70 cash.

While checking the surrounding streets, officers spotted an individual walking out of the bushes on the corner of Rollinson Street and Wellington Avenue. The officer attempted to step out with the individual, at which point the individual fled by running east toward Valley Road.

A second individual was spotted emerging from the same bushes and also fled by foot toward Valley Road. Both were described as black males wearing black, hooded sweatshirts and blue jeans.

Residences on Ridgehurst Road and Orange Heights Avenue were both victims of a burglary on the same evening, but nothing was reported stolen from either residence.

A first-floor window on the north side of the home on Ridgehurst was open even though the first-floor tenant notified police that it should have been closed. According to police, the tenant also stated that her bedroom had been ransacked.

At approximately 11:43 a.m., according to a canvas of the area, a tall, thin, bald-headed black male wearing dark-colored jeans, a black t-shirt, sneakers and a bright green, reflective construction-style vest was observed walking west on Ridgehurst Road then proceeded toward the rear of the residence. The male then re-emerges from the residence through the front door with bags in both hands walking east toward Main Street.

The reporting person at the residence on Orange Heights Avenue stated that she noticed the dining room window open and the curtains spaced apart. The second resident, who sleeps in the basement overnight, reported that she heard heavy footsteps around the dining room area prior to 5 a.m.

Both residents stated that nothing was taken from the residence, but that multiple credit cards and a New Jersey driver’s license were lying on the ground near the same window earlier that morning belonging to a resident of Lawrence Avenue.

A canvas of the area resulted in one other resident who stated that the fence located on the rear side of his home was forcibly moved/pushed out of place overnight. No other residents reported seeing or hearing anything during those hours of the night.