WEST ORANGE, NJ - It was a good day to be a student at St. Cloud Elementary School in West Orange, as popular children's author Gregory Mone regaled students with tales of his writing experiences and engaged them in the creative process.

TAP into West Orange sat in on the St. Cloud Third Grade assembly featuring Mone, and witnessed firsthand the way Mone involved the students in his experiences, encouraged creative thinking and taught them about the importance of detail to enhance writing. The laughter, questions, answers and comments provided by the third graders offered proof that Mone had succeeded in his effort to encourage reading and writing. Several of the students had also read Mone's books, and at least one class was reading one of his books, "Fish," in class.

Mone is a Harvard College graduate and shot out of the gate after graduation with an adult comic literary novel called The Wages of Genius, about an office worker that believes he is the reincarnation of Albert Einstein. He is also a contributing editor and science journalist at Popular Science and Scientific American, where he travels the world to interview people that create amazing contraptions. Another adult anthology of his science writing series, The Truth About Santa: Wormholes, Robots, and What Really Happens on Christmas Eve, became another adult book and was featured on national radio programs. 

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Mone began writing children's books after spending years creating complex treasure hunts and writing stories for his nieces and nephews. His first novel, "Fish," was a Scholastic bestseller and the recipient of numerous awards, including the Carol Otis Hurst Prize. The book revolves around a young boy named Maurice Reidy, who is sent out to work and help his family, and winds up as a pirate. His subsequent novel, "Dangerous Waters," was a 2013 Children's Book of the Month selection. Dangerous Waters features Patrick Waters, a young steward aboard the fateful journey of the Titanic.

Now married with three children of his own, Mone has some new projects in the works including "Plastic Bottles," a nonfiction environmental novel about the life of a soda bottle, due out this year; and a yet-to-be-titled about the adventures of a fourth grade ninja.

"I tend to write more adventure type stories for kids," said Mone. 

While he writes in the hopes of engaging more boys to read, he noted, "girls read my books too - girls read everything," he smiled.

For more information on Gregory Mone, go to http://gregorymone.com/.