Dear Editor,

My family moved to West Orange over 35 years ago. Over time I have seen our Board of Education change over many times…some board members staying longer than they should.  

As a local realtor I have seen our property values rise and fall, there is a strong correlation. I have raised 2 children here in WO and both graduated from our High School. As a working resident, I have very little time to attend Board of Education meetings despite my interest. I doubt if I am the only one.

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On November 8th there are 2 seats to be filled for the BOE, I am supporting Sandra M. Mordecai because like Sandra, I am concerned about our children’s education and future opportunities, which clearly lies in the strength of our school system. We need a Board who will push an innovative agenda including cost-saving, effective, quality policies and initiatives to help our children achieve and compete on the regional and national levels. I believe Sandra understands these issues and her professional background, board member training and compassion for children make the case for her re-election to the West Orange Board of Education. Vote November 8th.

Strong schools make our town strong

Jill Tekel.

21 Howell Drive, West Orange