Dear Editor,

I have been a resident, homeowner and taxpayer here in West Orange for 41 years. My children attended Gregory School, Roosevelt Middle School and graduated from West Orange High School. I am concerned with the education system in our town and the opportunities that may not be accessible to all the children who attend school here. Our children are our future. We need someone on the Board of Education who is not afraid to challenge the status quo and ask the more difficult questions, someone who can think for herself and not just rubber stamp whatever is proposed. Sandra Mordecai has proven herself throughout her terms of service on the Board of Education. She takes the time to educate herself so she can be well versed in all matters concerning the Board of Education. She is dedicated to the welfare of the children and our entire community here in West Orange.

I believe that Sandra understands the issues that face our community. Her professional background combined with her board member training and compassion for children are compelling reasons for her to be re-elected to the West Orange Board of Education on November 8th.

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Dagmar Hobson

Tremont Avenue