WEST ORANGE, NJ – “Mathland,” “Sweetopia,” “United States of Technology,” and “Xbox Nation.” These created countries, along with over forty others, were on display in Jessica Morano’s fourth grade Redwood Elementary School classroom on Dec. 22 as part of the annual “Map in a Month” project.

The project is a long-time favorite at Redwood. Students and their families brainstorm to create a brand-new country of their making.

That’s only the beginning, however, as the students spend the next month designing their country and creating an accurate to-scale map of their land, which also includes a compass rose and Map Key.

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Third-grade students visited the classroom to see the finished works along with parents, teachers, Redwood Principal Bruce Arcurio and district Social Studies Supervisor Steve Olshalsky.

“The goal of the project is to teach the students how to follow directions and budget their time,” said Morano. “The students worked so hard on their maps and the results are truly beautiful.”