West Orange, NJ West Orange’s Redwood Elementary School PTA was selected as the winner of the New Jersey PTA President’s Award for 2011-2012 school year.  The Redwood PTA will receive the award at the 2013 NJPTA Convention Awards Banquet Ceremony on March 9.
There are more than 700 local PTAs in the state of New Jersey. Each year the New Jersey PTA honors its local PTAs by presenting awards for Outstanding Achievements in various categories. The President’s Award is presented by the New Jersey PTA that recognizes a local PTA for a most notable and outstanding program/accomplishment that supports all the students.
Redwood Elementary School PTA won the New Jersey PTA President’s Award for its extremely successful SMART Boards program. In 2011-2012 the Redwood PTA team had a goal in mind and worked very hard along with Redwood parents and teachers to upgrade the technology at Redwood School to bring cutting-edge resources to our children. The school only had five SMART Boards before the program commenced.
Redwood PTA efforts were extremely successful and they exceeded their own goal and purchased and installed twelve SMART Boards for the Redwood School in fewer than twelve months. Normally, neighboring districts’ school PTA teams would contribute two or three SMART Boards per year. The school now has a SMART Board in every classroom. This was a tremendous achievement for the entire Redwood community.  Redwood School students and teachers are able to utilize the latest computer technology every day while they are at school for years to come.

This was a very exciting and unprecedented achievement and it truly highlights the meaning and purpose of an involved PTA organization, which successfully advocates and supports the needs of all students and facilitates greater parental involvement within a school community.
“I am very proud of this tremendous achievement of the Redwood PTA team and the Redwood Community. It is a great honor that the efforts of our organization were recognized at the state level and I hope our story will serve as an inspiration for other organizations. I am very thankful for a wonderful PTA team, all parents and educators, who do care and work hard to make a difference,” says Irina Horbacz, President, Redwood Elementary PTA.