NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - A letter posted on the Rutgers IT website this evening provided an update on today’s apparent cyber-attack, knocking out connections to the internet.

“Network connectivity has been stabilized and remains under observation and monitoring, but some services may still experience intermittent degradation throughout the evening,” wrote spokesperson Don Smith. 

Smith offered apologies and thanked Rutgers students and staff for their patience during the outage, and assured them no data was compromised.

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He explained how denial of service (DDoS) cyber-attacks are a growing problem for IT professionals, affecting higher education, government and private enterprises, and could happen again.

“Rutgers, as you may recall, experienced a five-day DDoS attack that shut down all Internet access during late April and early May of this year,” said Smith.

Since that time, Rutgers IT has made substantial hardware, software and network upgrades in order to mitigate future attacks. They are working with state and federal law enforcement officials on resolving the current attack.

The apparent cyber-attack began earlier today as noted on university websites.

A Facebook social media post from earlier in the day stated, “We are currently experiencing a denial of service event affecting Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi access. OIT (Office of Information Technology) is working to resolve the issue and we will inform the Rutgers community as soon as we have more information.”

A denial of service event occurs when an outside program compromises servers and prevents users from accessing networked computer services within an organization.

This cyber-attack is similar to previously reported hacking events at Rutgers University over the past year.