LIVINGSTON, NJ - Find a friend, tell a friend and then go to the West Essex YMCA in Livingston and save.

The YMCA at 321 S. Livingston Ave. is introducing a new way to help create a healthier community and you can save a little too. When you and a friend join the Y at the same time, or referred by a member, you’ll BOTH be enrolled in our 20/20 Membership Program to save 20 percent on your membership each month as long as you both remain members. It’s that simple. 

You and your friend keep your 20 percent monthly benefit for as long as you both are members. Should one of you leave the Y, the other will have 30 days to find a new referral friend and continue to receive the benefit. Having multiple friends on your referral list helps to ensure you keep your 20 percent monthly benefit in the event one of your friends leaves the Y.

Invite a friend before the end of September and you will both save 20 percent for life. Call (973) 992-7500. Sign up right here