WEST ORANGE, NJ - (This article was updated on Friday, April 26)

Graffiti threatening "an act of violence" wouldl occur at West Orange High School on Tuesday, April 30, was discovered in a bathroom earlier today. Parents were notified of the graffiti (the actual wording was not described) via School Messenger this afternoon around 3:15 pm.  Here is the complete text of the message:


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We write to inform you that some disturbing graffiti indicating that an act of violence would occur in West Orange High School on April 30 was discovered in a lavatory earlier today.

We believe this is an adolescent prank and the threat is not serious; nonetheless we are treating it with the utmost seriousness.  In the days leading up to that date, and especially on April 30, you and your children should expect an increased presence of law enforcement in and around the school.  Our Administrators, Deans and Security will be speaking with many students to try to determine the individual who wrote the graffiti and to determine if the threat is credible. The West Orange police were notified immediately and will work with the high school administration in this investigation.   

Please share any information you may have in this matter with the high school administration or the West Orange Police. We will keep you posted and thank you in advance for your cooperation and support."

Jim O’Neill, Interim Superintendent

Hayden Moore, Principal

West Orange Police Chief James Abbott provided a statement to the Alternative Press on Friday, April 26:

"Whoever did this may think it’s is a joke but we take this matter very seriously. A prank of this nature depletes our police resources because it ties us up from responding to legitimate calls,” Police Chief James P. Abbott said. “When we apprehend those who are responsible we will vigorously pursue charges.”