WEST ORANGE, NJ - On September 21, the Shillelagh club on Prospect Ave in West Orange hosted their Seventh Annual St. Baldrick's event featuring six bands playing for a charity for children’s cancer research.  The bands included new faces like The Poor Man’s Opera and Brass Illusion Band. Others were returning favorites, including Eamonn Ryan and Paddy and the Pale Boys.  

Tents were set up on the grounds.  One tent was set up for donations and information.  For $5 attendees could eat, and for $20 draft beer was added.   Food  included pizza, hot dogs, pasta, mussels, chips & salsa, and several kegs were in place.  The food and beer were donated. A tricky tray was set up to raise money with gifts donated from all over Essex county, including dinners at local restaurants, spa trips, DVD packs and gift certificates, as well as a 50-50 raffle.

To date, the Shillelagh organization has donated over $500,000 to St. Baldricks, with this years’ total standing at roughly $50,000. Donations are used to fund research attempts to cure childhood cancers and the clinical trials that are needed to ensure the safety and success of new medicines.  For information regarding use of donations and to donate towards the Shillelagh Club's goal of $100,000, go to  http://www.stbaldricks.org/events/ShillelaghClub2013 .

A most popular component of the St. Baldrick's event is head shaving to raise money to aid research to find a cure for childhood cancer, and over 50 heads were shaved.  Thirteen men of the 50 that volunteered to shave their heads raised over $1,000 individually, including John Scheid, Michael Cito and Kevin Kinney.  This was Kinney’s eighth time shaving with St. Baldrick’s and is responsible for organizing this event for the seventh year running. Kinney shares his motivation for his involvement with this charity, ‘I've been very blessed with 2 healthy children and it's just my way of giving something back to help others that aren't so fortunate. We have also been fortunate to see a few young local children who had cancer, conquer it. It warms my heart to see them come back year after year.’