WEST ORANGE, NJ - A thirteen year old youth was robbed of his cell phone in front of the Rite-Aid located at 262 Main Street on Oct. 16 at approximately 8:00 pm. It was erroneously reported in other media sources that the robbery had taken place in front of the CVS drug store, located at 217 Main St.

Two black males approached the youth, and one, according to the victim, had what he believed to be a knife. The suspect said "Give me your phone," and the two men fled north on Main Street.

The teen was unharmed, but it raises an important issue of being safe and smart when out and about. The West Orange Police Department provides important tips to residents for their own safety and prevention of possible crime. For example, each winter residents are encouraged not to leave their cars running with the keys in the ignition in their driveways unattended; during the summer, there is always a spike in vehicle break-ins, particularly when those vehicles are left unlocked with valuables in them.

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The Mesa, Arizona police department issued a brochure on Cell Phone Safety. They say:

"Don’t be a target. Wandering around with your phone in plain sight can be dangerous. If you are not using it, put it in your pocket, purse or backpack and only use it in public when necessary. Cell phone theft is a common crime and often, thieves will attack the owner of a phone. When talking on your phone, be aware of your surroundings and who is coming and  going. Concentrating more on your phone conversation than what is going on around you makes you more likely to become a victim of a crime."