WEST ORANGE, NJ — The following three vehicles were reported stolen out of West Orange, all of which were recovered, toward the end of May, according to police reports.

1. An investigation revealed that either late in the evening of May 16 or in the early morning of May 17, some unknown suspect(s) stole a vehicle that was parked on Quinby Place. There was a Dewalt drill valued at $125 inside the vehicle when it was stolen.

The victim reported that the vehicle was locked, and he had the keys, according to police. The victim also reported that he owes approximately $3700 on the vehicle, and he is behind three months in payments. A police check for any reported vehicle repossessions during the time it was reported missing came up negative.

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The vehicle was recovered in West Orange later the same week, according to police.

2. A victim of a truck theft reported on May 18 that his vehicle was stolen while parked on Hazel Avenue. The vehicle contained 26 empty 2,000-pound helium tanks valued at $3,900. It is equipped with an EZ Pass and a tracking device. The victim was able to tell an officer that the vehicle’s last location was Secaucus, NJ.

With the help of the tracking device, the stolen vehicle was recovered on May 22.

3. A police officer responded to a report by the Saint Barnabas Medical Center of a theft of a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim, who resides at Roosevelt Avenue.

The victim stated that he parked the vehicle in his driveway the night before. In the morning, he went outside to take his wife to Saint Barnabas Medical Center and noticed his car was stolen.

According to the victim, the vehicle has approximately 25,000 miles on it. He did not recall if he locked the car when he parked it or whether he left his keys inside the vehicle. He told the police that he had several credit cards in the car.

The victim then informed the police that he received emails about fraudulent transactions from two of the credit card companies. He also informed the officer that he cancelled all his credit cards.

According to police, the said his residence surveillance system may have captured the incident. He told the officer that he would check the surveillance system when his wife is released from the Medical Center.

The vehicle was later recovered in East Orange.