WEST ORANGE, NJ - A tow truck driver lost control of his tow truck around 2:00 pm on Main Street and plowed into the store front of Machado's Tailors, then into the side wall of LLC Financial Services next door. Two injuries were reported, the tow truck driver and someone inside the building.  Neither injuries were considered to be life threatening.  

Machado's Tailors is located at 100 Washington Street, and Financial Services, LLC at 296 Main Street.  The identity of the tow truck driver and his company have not yet been made public. The buildings were evacuted due to possible structural damage.  The tow truck plowed into the front window of Machado's and went far enough in to break through the second wall going into Financial Services.  News agencies and helicopters were swarming the Lourdes and Tory Cory areas for over an hour to report on the accident.  Several residents of the buildings have been displaced and building inspectors, police, and fire are on the scene to assess the damage.  

Machado's is located adjacent to Washington Elementary School.  The West Orange Police Department noted that had school been open today the situation could have been much worse.  West Orange Public Schools were closed today for Yom Kippur.

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