WEST ORANGE, NJ - West Orange resident and author Karen Sinclair will hold a book launch for new book, About Whoever, at the West Orange Public Library from 2:00 pm - 4:45 pm on Saturday, June 8.

About Whoever: the Social Imprint on Identity and Orientation, focuses on human sexuality through different sociosexual phenomena and the personal experiences of others, along with historical perspective.  Equal rights, the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" military policy, civil unions, domestic partnerships and more are examined.  

Sinclair comes to a conclusion that there are seven 'indexes' representing  a broad range of sexual identities and sexual orientations. It also describes 50 elements that come together to define gender, sexual identity and orientation today. Some of those concepts are sexual intellect, gender compulsion and the social impact of homosocializing. In addition to societal influences, educational, religious, technological, institutional and other components play a role.  

Karen Sinclair has a Master of Science degree in Business Systems Analysis and Design from The City University in London, England; a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree from the University of Guyana and a Certificate in Lay Ministry from the United Methodist Church in America.