WEST ORANGE, NJ — The mission of all Boards of Education is student achievement. However, our most important charge is student safety. The West Orange Board Of Education unanimously passed a Non-Binding Resolution on April 19, 2017, which was then presented to the Essex County Freeholder Board in support of a traffic light at the intersection of Alisa Drive and Pleasant Valley Way. 

The Board of Education is pleased to announce that after several years of advocacy, including many meetings with the West Orange Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board and Essex County elected officials and a recent site visit with Essex County Freeholder Leonard Luciano, Board Member Laura Lab, Superintendent Jeff Rutzky and Principal Hayden Moore, we will have a traffic light at Alisa Drive.

Alisa Drive and Pleasant Valley Way is the sole access for literally hundreds of students and residents daily and for years the Board of Education and community members have been advocating for a safer intersection, particularly for the new student drivers attempting to exit the high school campus.

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"I am thrilled that we will have a traffic light at Alisa Drive and Pleasant Valley Way," said Superintendent Rutzky. He continued to say, "This is a very dangerous area and the traffic light will provide greater safety for our students, staff, parents and visitors. I am so appreciative to those who helped make this happen."   

Many thanks to Roz Moskowitz Bielski for her passion and persistence in organizing the Pleasant Valley Civic Association and other community members to advocate for Pleasantdale and town-wide pedestrian safety. 

Thank you to Lenny Lepore, West Orange Township Municipal Engineer, for presenting a Resolution to the Township Council, who unanimously passed their resolution on May 23, 2017. Both Resolutions in support of a traffic light from the Board of Education and Township were presented to the Essex County Freeholders for their review, approval and execution.  

West Orange Board President, Sandra Mordecai, Board Member Laura Lab and Councilwoman Michelle Casalino attended the Essex County Freeholder meeting in the City of Orange, on May 24, 2017 to publicly thank the Freeholder Board and in particular, Freeholder Luciano for making an on-site visit to Alisa Drive. It is important to note that the Freeholder Board thought the light was needed for the driveway of the high school. Thank you to Mrs. Lab for the foresight to invite Freeholder Luciano to view the area.

We anticipate a light will be installed this Fall or early 2018 according to Sanjeev Varghese, P.E., P.P., Public Works Director & County Engineer and West Orange resident.

Again we thank all involved as the Essex County Freeholders finalize this seven-year quest for safety at the intersection of Alisa Drive and Pleasant Valley Way.