Keeping the Status Quo for Gifted & Talented

WEST ORANGE, NJ — By a vote of 3-1, the West Orange Board of Education (WOBOE) passed a Gifted & Talented Program assessment plan on Monday that included the use of the InView IQ test to evaluate whether current K-2 students should enter the district’s program.

This was despite concerns voiced by assistant superintendent Eveny de Mendez in the last WOBOE meeting that InView is “a biased exam” that has been criticized widely for putting minority students at a disadvantage.

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Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Rutzky reiterated that the better thought of NNAT/Naglieri exam to access gifted students from all ethnic backgrounds has been embargoed by New York City, which solely has the right to use it in this region, he said.

Brent Scott, a parent who serves on the committee looking into this issue, once again voiced his strong concern about InView test and how the district handles entry into the program in general. He said that the New Jersey Department of Education does not require an IQ or aptitude test to determine whether a student should be in a gifted program.

Scott asked the board to reconsider its decision not to automatically allow transferring students who were previously identified as gifted and talented by their former school district to be allowed into the West Orange Gifted & Talented Program.

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Pictured above are:

Superintendent Jeffrey Rutzky, WOBOE President Sandra Mordecai, Jen Dahl (who teaches journalism at WOHS) and Elizabeth Veneziano (English supervisor) congratulate Anna Favetta (middle) for being the first West Orange student to win the prestigious Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Award

The WOBOE recognizes the accomplishments of the WOHS Girls Track & Field team.

The WOHS Boys Track & Field Team is recognized for excellent year by the WOBOE.