WEST ORANGE, NJ - West Orange's Sesquicentennial events continued today with a time capsule ceremony at town hall at noon. Community members, town and school board officials joined together to place 2012 mementos and records into the capsule. The ceremony opened with Bill Kehoe, Chairman of the 150th Committee, introducing Jack Sayers, Town Administrator. Sayers placed a photo of town hall staff, and a garbage/recycling contract into the capsule, joking that he hoped the town would have less of it in 50 years.

Next, Ken Mandel from the West Orange Arts Council, placed a DVD of their September 21, 2011 "Day In West Orange" photo event. Michelle Ortwein, curator at Thomas Edison National Park placed a Reproduction of Edison's light bulb into the capsule, saying that in 50 years it would be considered quite rare. Gary Englert, Chairman of the Commission on Military and Veteran's Affairs and the Memorial Day Observance Committee, placed a record of the 345 West Orange residents that have received Distinguished Service Medals, along with reproductions of other awards given to West Orange veterans. He said it was his fervent hope that war would be eradicated in 50 years.
Mayor Robert Parisi placed a copies of the municipal budget and a residential property tax into the capsule as well as a copy of the Redevelopment plan for the Edison factory on Main Street. Council President Vic Cirilo and Councilman Joe Krakoviak put in a photo of the 2012 Town Council members.
Ed Johnson of the West Orange REC Department, contributed a Summer Rec Booklet and Rec guide, which highlighted the many events that West Orange offers to all residents in the community.

Outgoing Principal of WOHS, Arthur Alloggiamento, along with Hayden Moore, soon to be named principal, donated a copy of the 2012 WOHS yearbook, with Michelle Casalino, BOE member and candidate, placing a copy of the BOE budget in the capsule. She said that her greatest hope was that all the wonderful programs that the West Orange School district offers its students would remain intact over the next 50 years.
Mary J. Berger, outgoing President of UNICO in West Orange, contributed a copy of the UNICO Sports Breakfast program, featuring guest Eric LeGrande, along with a program honoring Judge Rosemary Gambardella, and a UNICO roster.
Renee Ritzker of the West Orange Public Library placed what she called a "Snapshot" of the WOPL in 2012 and all services that it offered, noting that in 50 years it would probably be considered 'archaic.' Joe Fagan, town historian, contributed a copy of the 150th journal, along with CDs of the 1937 and 1962 journals. He also presented a DVD of the 1962 Centennial Parade, which started at Eagle Rock Avenue and Main Street, ending at Town Hall. Doug Alford, another town historian whose family has lived in West Orange for 3 generations, then donated a CD of 177 pictures/postcards of West Orange, past and present.
Jessica Glicker, town information officer, provided several items for the time capsule: the last four editions of the West Orange Outlook; a copy of the home page of the newly launched town website; a DVD of the Welcome to West Orange video; a DVD of the PRC's interviews with seniors around town for the 150th anniversary; and a copy of the new town logo "Where Invention Lives."
The event culminated with a presentation to the 1962 Centennial Baby, Maria Santucci, and her parents, Vincent and Stella. The Santucci family has lived in West Orange for over 80 years. The Sesquicentennial Baby, Annabelle Reese Gibson, born June 7, was presented by her mother, Jennifer (dad, Russell), and gifts were given to both families.
Limited copies of the WO Sesquicentennial Journal are still available at no cost. Go to www.westorange.org to find out how to get one.